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Campsite Photo Trip - 2011

Arrival at Oasis Campground at Yuba Lake Park

We left at 4:45 am on Monday morning to head out on our adventure. The GPS had the distance as being 583 miles to the Oasis Campground at Yuba Lake Park, our first destination. But first we had to pass through Vegas. It seems like they are always doing construction on Interstate 15:

Vegas Under Constuction Passing Through Vegas

Around 4:00 pm local time, we finally arrived at the campsite:

Oasis Campsite

This campground is very aptly named Oasis. It is located lakeside in the Utah high desert. Luckily we made reservations as the campground was full… on a Monday! For campers that wish to visit this campground, keep in mind you will want to make reservations.

The reason for its popularity is that it has two campgrounds with boat ramps, and is Utah's only boat-in campground. Campers can launch their boat at Oasis and leave it tied up on the shoreline:

Oasis Day Use Boat on Beach

There are also Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) trails nearby. Tuesday morning we took campsite photos here at Oasis and then decided to drive to the other side of the lake to get campsite photos at Painted Rocks Campground. The Ranger told us about a shortcut that would save some time. Below are some pictures of the "shortcut":

Looking for Painted Rocks 1 Looking for Painted Rocks 2

It worked out fine! We left Painted Rocks Campground on Tuesday and headed to Huntington State Park. There is a scenic route we want to try, Utah 31, so hopefully we will capture some fun images there.

More updates soon!

Regards, Park Ranger


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