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Campsite Photo Trip - 2011

Arrival at Scofield State Park

The drive from Huntington State Park to Scofield State Park was only about 60 miles. We passed through the old towns of Price and Helper and then turned south on UT 96.

This road actually joins UT 264 which takes back up the mountains to UT 31. They call this the "Energy Loop" as it passes high through the mountains and features several still functioning coal mines. It is kind of bizarre to turn a corner on a high mountain road and see a huge coal mine.

Scofield State Park consists of 2 campgrounds, Madsen Bay and Mountain View at 7600' of elevation. The former offers no hookups or showers while the latter is fully developed. Both offer launch ramps and Mountain View offers slip rentals as well. There is a small store 5 miles away in Scofield that carries supplies and gas.

The lake itself at Scofield State Park is good sized, and there were plenty of people out on the water in July. Fishing is very popular, with some good sized Brown trout being caught. Here are 2 photos we took from our campsite:

Fishing Fish-2

Both campgrounds are on the water, but only Mountain View has any shade. Below are lake views from Madsen Bay and Mountain View respectively:

Madsen-Bay Mountain-View-Lake

Scofield is a very small town, but they do have some bargains if you are looking for some vacation property. This home below is only $2K, but it needs some work.


Finally, a brief word on nutrition. As you all know, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Tacos are the best meal. So I think it was appropriate to have some tacos for breakfast on Saturday Morning:


I did get the attention of a local who smelled it heating up, so I had to share some:


Who could resist a face like that! He did not like the dollop of homemade habanero salsa we dropped for him. After a scathing look, he scampered away. That is exactly what we were trying to accomplish. You should never feed the wildlife, no matter how cute they are. Moving up the food chain, hundreds of bears have had to be killed due to careless campers not storing their supplies properly. They start associating humans with food, and that is not a good thing.

We're heading out Sunday July 24, stopping by Utah Lake State Park, and then camping at Deer Creek State Park. Til next time!

Regards, Park Ranger


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