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Summer of Campgrounds

Boulder Basin, Bridger Bay and White Rock Group Campgrounds

This week, Summer of Campgrounds presents three campgrounds for the more experienced camper.

Boulder Basin Campground, located in the San Bernardino Nation Forest, is a campground for hikers, mountain bikers, bouldering enthusiasts, and anyone looking for quiet and solitude. It's a bit of a challenge getting there, campground roads and spurs are not paved, no water is provided, but this private camping experience is well worth the effort.

We then jump over to Utah's Great Salt Lake, to Antelope Island State Park. Here, campers can enjoy two primitive campgrounds, Bridger Bay Campground, and White Rock Group Campground. Neither of these campgrounds provide water or electricity, and shade is hard to come by. The park does offer visitors a first-hand look at some of Utah's unique biology, geology and history, including bison, pronghorn and bighorn sheep, as well as backcountry trails and cross-country skiing.

Happy Camping!


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