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Campsite Photo Trip - 2011

Cherry Creek State Park

Greg is wrapping up his swing through Colorado and here's the latest on his photo adventure:

With over 1.5 million visitors each year, Cherry Creek State Park is the most popular in the system. It's 4200 acres are an oasis in the Denver Metro area for boaters, water-skiers, fishermen, campers, equestrians, swimmers, and bicyclists. In fact, just driving around the lake you will find it next to impossible not to run over a bicyclist or two. Let me show you the park the way I explored it, counterclockwise from west to east.

The dam runs across the north end of the lake. At the northwest corner you will find the marina, one of the launch ramps, and a picnic area:

Dam View The Marina West Beach

Heading south along the lakeshore, there are more picnic areas, complete with ducks, and even an airport for model airplanes:

Ducks and Kayak More Ducks Model Airport

Swinging around the south end of the lake, we pass by the shooting range and equestrian area and continue on to the campground near the east shore. There are about 150 campsites here. Most have hookups, but there are 30 sites for the real campers. Here are a few photos of my campsite in the tent area:

Campsite 1 Campsite 2

The north east shore of the lake has the main beach with food and drink, another boat ramp, and many good spots to wet a line. I heard that several state record size walleyes have been caught here. Here are some photos of the east beach, one of the fishing areas, and a look at the marina from across the lake:

East Ramp East Beach East Beach 2 East Beach 3 Fishing Area Marina from East

You can see the buildings right behind the marina. That's Aurora, CO, with the Rockies off in the distance. I camped during a weekend and the campground was full. There is so much to do here, however, that you really don't notice all the people.

Before I arrived at Cherry Creek, I made a detour to Boulder. My brother went to drink, err, college there. So Mike, here are some photos for you. First, the former frat house Sigma Chi. Kinda like in Animal House, they were banned:

Frat House Main Road College Corner The Sink Beer Truck

Even the local Del Taco has the Buff spirit!

Del Taco

Finally, can you guess what the house below in front of my car was famous for? Here's a hint: Nanu Nanu…

Mork and Mindy

Yep, that would be the home of Mork and Mindy, at least the outside of it. 1619 Pine Street. Yeah. Ok. Nothing that needs a lot of time to visit so I left. I will be heading west from now on. First stopping at Chatfield State Park and then continuing on to Mueller. Later.

Regards, Park Ranger


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