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Cleon Dion

It's that time again. is back on the road!

I dusted off my typewriter and splashed some ink onto the ribbon. I am ready to hit the road on an epic multi-year camping trip.

But first a pop quiz - Jeopardy style.

The answer is Cleon Dion.

Is the correct question:

A. What are the names of the two winter storms that stranded me for a few days near the New Mexico/Texas border and left me freezing in my tent?

B. What is the name of the reclusive brother of the Canadian gal who sang that Titanic song?

C. What are the names of the two winter storms that stranded me for a few days near the New Mexico/Texas border while I was warm and dry in my new trailer?

Yep. That would be C.

I will show you detailed pics of the trailer later but I want to get caught up on what has transpired so far.

I headed east in early December with the goal of visiting Gulf Coast and Florida campgrounds this winter, then following spring north to Maine.

I picked up a new gps because my old one stopped talking to me and enjoyed giving wrong directions.


If you are familiar with Southern California, I am heading to the 91 via the 241 toll road. That blue splotch is Irvine Lake.

I spent the night at Joshua Tree NP and witnessed a nice sunset.

Trailer_2 Sunset_1

After reading for a bit, I headed out early the next day hoping to reach New Mexico.


Which I did after playing tag with several semi's.

Trucks_2 Rockhound_Sign

Rockhound SP is just south of Deming NM. The sites are large and set on a terraced hillside giving views of the desert and town.

Rockhound_016 Rockhound_018 Rockhound_View

The rock collecting is supposed to be good here, hence the name, but I left the next morning bound for Bottomless Lakes SP near Roswell NM.

I headed northeast from Las Cruces to Alamogordo and then up and over the mountains.

5500 feet.


7600 feet.


I started noticing snow on the ground.


The campground is at only 3500 feet so I figured there would be no issues.


The road into the campground wasn't bad at all.


I plugged in the trailer, turned on the heater, and went to bed. It only snowed a bit overnight.

Bottomless_Campsite Snow_Scamp

The problem was the cold. Cleon provided the snow and then Dion kept the temps down in the teens for 3 days. The roads were way to icy to drive on. Finally by last Sunday the mercury rose to 40 degrees and I skedaddled.

Snow_Tree Leaving_Bottomless

The campground itself was nice. I was here last in 2010 when I visited all the New Mexico SP's.


I stayed in site number 12 this time. Here is what it looks like in October.


And one of the lakes.


I had planned to head east from here and visit campgrounds around Dallas/Fort Worth but Dion was still toying with that area so I headed southeast and stopped at Monahans Sandhills SP near Pecos, Texas.

Momahans_Sandhills_Sign Monahans_Sandhills_013

This small campground is on the edge of a 200 mile stretch of shifting sand that reaches west into New Mexico. You can rent saucers and go sliding down them if you so desire.


I was still chilly so I finally cooked something on the stove in the trailer. Chili. I thought it was appropriate.


I made my next stop at Seminole Canyon.


This 46 site state park is situated near the confluence of the Pecos and Rio Grande rivers.


There is great hiking in this area with ranger-led tours down to the river.

The pamphlet says "Everything here bites, scratches, or stings."


Hey, if you are not living on the edge you are just taking up space.

I headed east to a campground near San Antonio where I will be staying until the day after Christmas. I need some time to finalize my itinerary and get the trailer properly set up. There are also a half dozen state parks I want to check out in this area.

It's a Thousand Trails spot so it has wi-fi, laundry, etc. It also has a TON of deer.

This one peeked in while I was writing this so I had to grab my camera real quick.


OK, now I am all caught up.

So check back now and again to read all about the campgrounds will be visiting in 2014! In addition to Greg's big trip, we'll be adding many more campgrounds throughout the country.

Regards, Park Ranger


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