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Cooling off in a couple of Southern California Campgrounds!

My first stop was at Chino Hills State Park. $30 per night. Flush toilets and free showers.


The campground was reopened after four years on the day I arrived. I was the first one there so I walked the 20 empty sites right away.

The best site is number 2, with 12 and 20 being other good choices.

Chino-Hills_002 Chino-Hills_012 Chino-Hills_020

It was hot and dry. Best time to visit and hike the trails would be in the winter, hopefully after some rain so the hills would be green instead of brown.


I continued north to a campground just east of Ojai called Wheeler Gorge.


This is a nice shady camp alongside a little creek.


Some choice sites were 34, 46, and 56 among the 70 available.

Wheeler-Gorge_034 Wheeler-Gorge_046 Wheeler-Gorge_056

Be aware that there has been no potable water available here for the past few years.

Freddy enjoys walking campgrounds with me so far.


But If a site is occupied, he feels compelled to stop and chat with the campers.


He is a very friendly puppy.

He likes hanging out on his bed nibbling on a cow hoof.


Taking a nap.


And seeing how much stuff will stick to him.


Our next stop was at one of my favorite campgrounds near Santa Barbara. Not the beach ones, but just over the pass into the Santa Ynez Recreation Area.

Santa-Ynez-Valley-View Los-Prietos-Sign

I used to camp here quite frequently while going to school in town. Must have been 10 years ago. Or 20. Make that 30. Jeepers.

For $25 you get your choice of 37 sites in the oaks. All were decent and numbers 27 and 35 were good examples.

Los-Prietos_027 Los-Prietos_035

Our next step will be in Humboldt Redwoods State Park!

Regards and happy camping, Park Ranger


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