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Ewok Like an Egyptian

Sometimes I use song titles to lead off my posts. This one might need an explanation.

See, Ewoks were the fuzzy little critters in one of the Star Wars movies. Their scenes were filmed in the ancient redwoods of Northern California.

Old trees, like Egyptian old. Hence the title. From the song "Walk Like an Egyptian". From a few years back...possibly the 80's?

Anyway, most folks thought that Ewoks were not actually real. That Lucas conjured them up. Not true. You can still spot them today if you are lucky. They tend to gravitate towards spots of sunlight in the dark forest of giants.

Like this one.


Another one seemed to be leaving an offering for the tree gods.


I bagged up the offering for later study.

The Ewok habitat is confined to 17,000 acres of old growth coast redwoods inside the 52,000 acre Humboldt Redwoods State Park, the largest remaining example in the world.

Nestled in amongst the trees are three developed state park campgrounds. I used Hidden Springs as my base camp to explore the area.


This is by far the largest campground with 155 sites, many of which can accommodate smaller RVs.

I stayed in number 12.


Behind and to the left of my trailer was the picnic table and fire ring. Most of the sites are set up this way.

Other examples are 13, 38, and 64.

Hidden-Springs_013 Hidden-Springs_038 Hidden-Springs_064

Most of the sites offer excellent privacy, something that Burlington 6 miles north on Avenue of the Giants lacks.


Burlington has 60 campsites and is open year round and is next to the visitor center. Hidden Springs and Albee Creek are open mid-May through September or so. All three run $35 per night.

Some good ones here are 5, 9, and 53.

Burlington_005 Burlington_009 Burlington_053

A few miles off the main drag is Albee Creek, my favorite.


It's 40 sites can be had in three flavors.

Open, like number 36.


Partially shaded like number 1.


Or almost fully shaded like number 13.


It is also within walking distance to the Big Tree Area.

Freddy and I said goodbye to California and headed north to Oregon. During summer the coastal campgrounds are full, so we veered right at Gold Beach and drove east 14 miles to a pretty forest service campground on the Rogue River called Quosatana.


We arrived on a Friday afternoon and the campground was only half full. Probably because it does not accept reservations.

After setting up camp in this well maintained spot, we walked to the river.

Quo-Campsite Rogue-1

Freddy found some empty crawfish shells to munch on.

I said "no" and called him back.

He just looked at me.


And came right to my side...almost.


Have to work on that.

Back at camp Freddy took a nap and I whipped up some tacos.


So if you are find yourself stuck for a place to stay in the summer, give this spot a shot. There are 52 sites and guess what? I forgot to take photos of the campground. But they are all good. $20 per night includes flush toilets but no showers.

But the best deal was our next stop.

Powers County Park near Coquille, Oregon.


I like that photo.We went the back way which included 12 miles on a dirt road. My rig needed washing anyway.

Thursday through Saturday an RV spot will run you $18. With hookups. And free showers. For the rest of the week it is just $16, which is what I paid. Tent sites run $13 and $11. Well done Coos County.

The RV sites are all similar, such as numbers 1 and mine, 19.

Powers_001 Powers_019

The tents go near the lake in an open field.


The lake was nifty, with a nice place for a picnic. Just watch out for stowaway Ewoks.

Powers-Lake Powers-Picnic-Area

And even a cute little lakeside cabin.


Freddy and I will be hanging out a some private campgrounds for the next few weeks until the crowds disperse.

We just wrapped up a stay in Pacific City, Oregon.

Freddy will show you our site on a map.


F6, just to the left of that lower hand-drawn arrow. After studying the map some more, Freddy took a break.

Map-2 Map-3

Lately he has been jumping on my chair when I get up, so I put an extra one out for him.


Seems to enjoy it, unless it gets in the sun. Then he has to move it back to the shade.


If you looked closely at the map above you noticed we are right next to the ocean. So Freddy had his first visit to the beach.

Discovered it was wet.

Beach-1 Beach-2

Some poodles tried to show him how to fetch but he still doesn't grasp the concept of retrieving yet.


He did learn to enjoy the water, little waves and all.


I had to laugh at him. He is all fur. When his legs are wet they look like skinny sticks.

He didn't like that and stuck his tongue out at me.


Reminded me of a certain moose from last summer in Maine.


I get no respect.

In fact, a kid walked by our campsite last night while Freddy and I were playing backgammon.

"Mister, I have never seen a dog play backgammon before. He must be really smart."

"He's not that smart," I replied. "I have beaten him 3 out of 5 games."

Regards and happy camping, Park Ranger


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