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Campsite Photo Trip - Summer 2012

Good Day Sunshine!

CampsitePhotos Photographer in the Field, Greg, enjoys plenty of sunshine along the Central Oregon coast:

Make that multiple days. Since I last posted on Friday, it has been sunny every single day. That has to set a record for the Central Oregon coast.

On Sunday I took a trip to Jesse M. Honeyman State Park.

Jessie M. Honeyman Sign Jessie M. Honeyman 126 Jessie M. Honeyman View

Situated half way up the Oregon coast and three miles south of Florence on scenic Highway 101 is the second largest overnight camp in the state. There are two miles of sand dunes between the park and the ocean. Two natural freshwater lakes are within the park. Cleawox -- which is great for swimming -- and Woahink, which has a public boat ramp, is used for all water sports. There are over 350 campsites here. It took a while to walk it.

Monday I resumed my journey up the coast. All 364 miles of Highway 101 are designated as a scenic route.

Scenic Byway

I stopped by three campgrounds in the Siuslaw National Forest. With abundant rainfall and mild winters, the Siuslaw National Forest is one of the few National Forests that offers both fresh and salt water recreation opportunities. Stretching along the Oregon coast from Cape Lookout to North Bend and up into the majestic coastal mountains, Siuslaw National Forest offers a diverse range of camping locations and recreational activities, attracting many for their family camping vacation.

Sutton Sign Alder Dune Sign Tillicum Beach Sign

Tillicum Beach is the only Forest Service camp with direct beach access in the area.

Tillicum Beach 046

Here is the view from that campsite.

Tillicum Beach View

Before I arrived at my campground for the night in Newport, I had one more stop to make at Carl G. Washburne State Park.

Carl G. Washburne 043 Carl G. Washburne Sign

Washburne is located on the east side of Highway 101 with a buffer of native plants between you and the highway. The campsites are spacious. There are several trails of varying difficulty leading from the campsites to the beach, wildlife viewing areas, and second-growth forests.

A walking trail leads you under the highway to a five-mile sandy beach and a day-use area, where you'll find space to watch whales, hunt agates, beachcomb, and picnic. Another trail connects you to the Heceta Head trail, which you can use to reach the historic Heceta Head lighthouse.

Well, I did that. I walked down to the beach and hiked to the lighthouse. The beach was nice.

Washburne Beach

But the lighthouse was all wrapped up.

Heceta Lighthouse

There was a cool little creek and some mini-islands however that made the hike worth it.

Heceta River Heceta Rocks

Anyway, I arrived in Newport Monday afternoon and set up camp. A nice little spot in the trees.


You can see my Polar Bear Coolers on the table. And what do they hold, you may ask? Well, I will show you.

Taco Time

Taco Fixings! And there was much rejoicing!

While I was munching tacos, I was thinking about the whole spicy seasoned ground beef thing. What if you could get it pre-seasoned? I mean, if you fed beef cattle habanero peppers as part of their diet, would the flavor already be in the meat? Kinda like live marinating if you will. Something to sleep on.

Tuesday I headed into Newport for food and photos of the area. Here is the Bay Street area on the harbor.

Bay Street Fish Market Harbor

That bridge in the background in the Yaquina Bay Bridge. I like bridges, so let's take some pictures of it.

Zoom out a touch.


Now let's drive farther away for a full shot.


Maybe some neat angle shots near the North end.


Nah, too much stuff in front.


That's better, now what about the other side?


Nice idea on framing, but that one tree branch blocks part of the bridge.


This will work, lot's of neat stuff going on.

Wednesday I headed over to South Beach State Park. A small campground with only 230 campsites...

South Beach Sign South Beach G011

South Beach State Park and the surrounding areas offer a variety of recreational opportunities. One of the most exciting additions to the program at South Beach: kayak tours. Folks who register for the activity will launch from nearby Ona Beach (5 miles south) and spend two hours exploring the fascinating Beaver Creek area with a guide. Other activities around the park include fishing, crabbing, boating, windsurfing and beachcombing. Attractions nearby include the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, marine life exhibits at the Hatfield Marine Science Center and the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Here is the beach.

South Beach

Friday I head north to Pacific City, OR. There will be no campground photographs for the next few days. I have already taken photos at 19 and need a few days off.

Instead, I will play around on some beaches and capes and hopefully capture some fun images.

Regards, Park Ranger


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