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Campsite Photo Trip - Summer 2012

Greg hits the road for a Summer Tour in the Pacific Northwest!

Greg will be hitting the road again tomorrow, April 28, on a 5 month journey to one of our favorite parts of the country: Oregon and Washington.

It will be a break-in trip for his new rig:


Well, hopefully he'll have something like that NEXT year. Once again he will be driving his Honda Element, which we think is the perfect tent camping vehicle:

Element On-the-road

Greg will be visiting over 150 campgrounds including 5 National Parks. The route will follow the coast north from California to Olympic National Park, skirt around Puget Sound to North Cascades National Park, and then head south with stops at Crater Lake, Lassen, and Yosemite National Parks.

It will be a grand adventure and he will be posting a lot of photographs. Speaking of photos, we will be running a "Where are We @" contest on! Details will posted on the website soon.

Finally, a big shout out to Leslie Woodie and the gang at Polar Bear Coolers. They kindly donated some coolers that we will be giving away as prizes in the contest.


In the meantime if you need a Polar Bear Cooler, they will discount 10% off any item if people call in and mention "CampsitePhotos" and code "5150." Their phone number is 888-438-7924. Look for updates soon! We'll be posting on our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest along the way so make sure to follow along for updates.

Oregon State Parks has it right:


Regards, Park Ranger


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