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Campsite Photo Trip - 2011

July 2011 Campsite Photo Trip

We're hitting the road today to get new campsites for in Utah and Colorado. It's 520 miles to our first destination.

Here are some of the campgrounds we'll be visiting:

In Utah:

Utah map
  1. Yuba Lake State Park
  2. Palisade State Park
  3. Huntington Lake State Park
  4. Millsite State Park
  5. Scofield State Park
  6. Utah Lake State Park
  7. Deer Creek State Park
  8. Wasatch Mountain State Park
  9. Rockport State Park
  10. Starvation State Park
  11. Steinaker State Park
  12. Red Fleet State Park

In Colorado:

Colorado map
  1. Highline Lake State Park
  2. James M. Robb State Park
  3. Crawford State Park
  4. Vega State Park
  5. Yampa River State Park
  6. Stagecoach State Park
  7. State Forest State Park
  8. Boyd Lake State Park
  9. St. Vrain State Park
  10. Cherry Creek State Park
  11. Chatfield State Park
  12. Mueller State Park
  13. Eleven Mile State Park
  14. Navajo State Park
  15. Mancos State Park

We'll driving our Honda Element, the PERFECT camping vehicle:

Honda Element

We'll also be breaking in a new tent, a Big Agnes Jupiter's Cabin. It replaces our old Eureka Backcountry 4, pictured below, which was finally sent to that big campground in the sky by my brother's cats.

Here is a picture of the new tent from a 3 day trip last month:

Big Agnes - Jupiters Cabin

We took it up to Palomar Mountain and were impressed by its performance in the rain for the first two days.

Thanks to McDonalds and their free wi-fi, we'll update this blog every two to three days. So keep checking in and see what we're up to!

Regards, Park Ranger


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