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Kisatchie National Forest - the largest and smallest one in Louisiana


Kisatchie is the largest national forest in the state of Louisiana. Confused? That's because it is the only one.

Our adventures started at Beaver Dam campground.


That $15 per night includes power and free showers.

We stayed in site 22.


Caney Lakes, upper and lower, are low speed only. There is a ramp available next to the small pier.

Caney-Lakes-Boat-Ramp Caney-Lakes-View-1 Caney-Lakes-View-2

Freddy spotted a stick...


And did his fetching thing.


While I picked my site due to it's proximity to the trail, there are several other ones on the water.

Check out 7, 9, 11, and 12.

Beaver-Dam_007 Beaver-Dam_009 Beaver-Dam_011 Beaver-Dam_012

There have been fire restrictions in effect so far this year at my stops but not here, so it was time for Freddy's first campfire.

I gathered some pine cones in a bucket and he found some sticks.


He dropped it on the pine cones and twigs burning in the fire pit.


Lay down and woofed to get the flames going.


And then took a nap.


Next stop was Moro Bay State Park in Arkansas.


Another little gem. Just 20 campsites that will run you $22 per night with full hookups.

Numbers 3 through 13 are alongside the Ouachita River. 4, 8, and 9 are good examples.

Moro-Bay_004 Moro-Bay_008 Moro-Bay_009

A huge off river site is number 18.


We stayed in site 6.


There are 5 cabins available, a marina, and a visitor center/store.

Moro-Bay-Cabins Moro-Bay-Marina

(On that pole it shows the high water mark from 1988)


And lots of signs. Some redundant.


And some just having a sign party.


My favorite of those says "Do not pull on ferry if motor will not start".

To be fair, the ferry service was stopped after 164 years. All the signs were saved to be near the last boat.


This one.


Which Freddy had to check out.

Ferry-1 Ferry-2

Finally, they offer a kid friendly attraction. A turtle pond.


Although I think there might be some Jurrasic Park stuff going on.

Rule number one states that you need to keep your fingers away from the fence. Maybe the turtles are crossbred with velociraptors.

Our last stop in the Natural State (Arkansas motto) was Lake Chicot State Park.

We did not like it. I take that back. We only liked sites 114 - 127. They are on the lake, an oxbow of the mighty Mississippi. And 121 is the best. So that is where we stayed for just one night. (112 and 113 are not on the lake)

Lake-Chicot-Sign Lake-Chicot_121

The path to the dock is next door.


The rest of the lakefront sites look like this:


No understory, no privacy, but at least you are on the water.

The other 100 plus sites are just in open areas.


Regards and happy camping, Park Ranger


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