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Campsite Photo Trip - 2011

Over the Hills and Far Away

We left Yuba State Park early Wednesday morning. We stopped at Palisade State Park, went over the Manti-LaSal mountains and ended up at Huntington State Park, about150 miles altogether.

Palisade State Park would be a great place to camp. The nearby town of Manti has gas and food and the campground even has a golf course right next to it! Below are some photos of the lake and a campsite. We'll of course have more photos up in the coming weeks on the Palisade State Park campground detail page when we get back:

Palisade Lake Palisade Campsite

About 40 miles North along Utah 89 is the town of Fairview. This is where Utah 31 starts. It is a beautiful 47 mile long road that takes you from the desert up through a nice cool forest, and then back down into the desert. Don't get me wrong, I like the desert, but nothing beats a forest. There were many lakes along the way. Here are some photos:

HWY 31 Lake 1 Lake 2 Lake 3 Lake 4 Lake 5

You can also practice your "Avalanche Beacon" skills here:


A meadow with a small stream running through it:


We finally made it to Huntington State Park, watched the sunset and hit the sack.

Huntington Sunset

Thursday Morning we drove down Utah 10 to Millsite State Park. Another pretty campground with a small lake and a golf course. Most of these high desert campgrounds have reservoirs, and golf courses need a lot of water so they go well together. Here is a picture of the lake:

Millsite Lake

After getting back to camp, we took campsite photos at Huntington. The lake here is bigger than Millsite, but the campground is close by Utah 10 so you do get some traffic noise. Here is a photo of Huntington Lake:

Huntington Lake

We will be heading to Scofield State Park today for two nights and should be updating the blog again on Sunday. You get bonus points if you realized that the title of this post, "Over the Hills and Far Away" is a Led Zeppelin song…

Regards, Park Ranger


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