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Campsite Photo Trip - Fall 2011

Rhinos and Elephants and Giraffes... Oh My!

Greg sends us this report on his current CampsitePhotos journey (presently in the Midwest):

We broke camp on Tuesday with one main goal in mind. To find the World's Largest Hairball. We heard rumors that it was to be found in Garden City, Kansas. So we headed east on US 50, which is part of the original Santa Fe Trail.


Our GPS guided us to our destination. It turned out to be a museum and a zoo. Unfortunately, the museum was closed at the time, so our hairball viewing hopes were dashed. We did find some other stuff to look at, but it was just not the same.

Sign Rhino Elephant Giraffe Train

We ended up spending the night at Kanapolis State Park in Kansas. The campground only had a few loops open so we stayed in the tent area. There we found a possible source for hairballs – Wild Kitties!

Baby-Kitty Black-Kitty Orange-Kitty Two-Kitties

Yep, there was a herd of four kitties roaming the otherwise empty tent loop. They seemed to like raisins…

Wednesday morning we found ourselves heading to Van meter State park in Missouri, about 340 miles away. We left US 50 and angled northeast on US 24. This road continued to follow the Santa Fe Trail, as well as adding the Lewis and Clark Trail for good measure.

Van Meter is a small state park with a lot of Indian heritage. Arrowheads are frequently found here along with other artifacts. Once again, we were the only ones camping there. Below is our campsite.


The sun started to set and it was getting cold. Luckily, Glenn invented something he calls "Fire".

Van-Meter-Sunset Fire-Boy

Thursday night should find us somewhere in Indiana. We will see what happens!

Regards, Park Ranger


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