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Campsite Photo Trip - 2011

Starvation, Steinaker, and Red Fleet State Parks

Here's the latest from our Field Photographer Greg…

I left Rockport State Park Monday morning for the 160 mile drive to Steinaker State Park. I first stopped at Starvation State Park to take campsite photos.

Located 4 miles northwest of Duchesne on Utah 40, Starvation was established in 1972. While the park's name is accredited to cattlemen whose tacos on the hoof often froze during the harsh winter months, it's name hardly seems fitting given it's scenic coves, remote beaches and unusually blue water. Starvation is a favorite spot for boating enthusiasts and hosts several walleye fishing tournaments. Below are some photos of the sign and the beach:

Starvation Sign Starvation Beach

I finally arrived at Steinaker State Park. Located in the heart of Dinosaurland, Steinaker is well known to geologists, historians and collectors for it's fossilized oysters, clams and other shellfish that lived in the ancient seas that once existed here. Steinaker also enjoys a reputation as a first class water sports destination. After the skeeters at Rockport, it was very nice to be bug free. Below are some photos of my campsite, #6, and a view of the day use swim area:

Steinaker 6 Steinaker Lake

Tuesday morning I drove over to Red Fleet State Park. It got it's name from the immense red sandstone rock formations that loom above the water resembling a fleet of ships moving through the sea. The lake offers 750 acres of idyllic fishing and boating – the lake teems with rainbow trout, largemouth bass and brown trout – as well as waterskiing and swimming.

Two significant paleontological sites preserve the imprint of three-toed creatures that lived here millions of years ago. One group of three-toed (tridactyl) tracks, 200 or more in number, dates back to the Jurassic period, 200 million years ago. At least that is what I remember from school. Here are some photos:

Red Fleet Lake Red Fleet Day Use

On a sad note, my Sony eReader headed to that great library in the sky on Monday. It has served me faithfully for over a year and a half, but when I turned it on upon arriving at Steinaker, this is what it looked like:


This was my last group of campgrounds in Utah. Wednesday I am off to journey through Colorado for a month. My first stop will be at Highline Lake State Park, about 110 miles away. Talk at ya later.

Regards, Park Ranger


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