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Washington State Campground Report!

This post finds us visiting a few choice campgrounds in Washington State. First up is Rainbow Falls State Park near Chehalis.

Wrapping up my respite in Oregon, I rambled down to the beach to watch my last pacific sunset for some time.

Trail-1 Trail-2 Trail-3

It was well worth it. I couldn't pick a favorite picture so here are seven.

Beach-1 Beach-2 Beach-3 Beach-4 Beach-5 Beach-6 Beach-7

OK, enough of that.


Rainbow has 47 sites plus two horse camps.

19, 32, and 41 are good examples.

Rainbow-Falls-State-Park-Campsite_019 Rainbow-Falls-State-Park-Campsite_032 Rainbow-Falls_041

The falls do not fall far.


A ranger told me that a flood several years ago leveled the river a tad.

Back at camp it was time to whip up another batch of tacos.

Fred, my new puppy, loves tacos and was very excited.


Not sure about the cheese dip sticker.


He also enjoys playing hide and seek in the cilantro.


Finally dinner was ready and Fred dug in.

Tacos-4 Tacos-5

I decided to mess with him and added a bunch more hot sauce.


The next eight state parks I visited were all in the southern Puget Sound region.

First up was Potlatch.


It's 72 sites are near the west shore of the Hood Canal.

I liked 18 and 20 in the lower loop and 74 in the upper one.

Potlatch-State-Park-Campsite_018 Potlatch-State-Park-Campsite_020 Potlatch-State-Park-Campsite_074

The day use area is right on the water and if you wake up early enough, it offers a nice sunrise view.

Potlatch-Day-Use-Area Potlatch-Sunrise

Twanoh was right around the corner.


There are 46 sites with a nifty creek running alongside.


That much green requires a lot of water and mother nature has been most obliging, dumping buckets full almost daily. I looked forward to crossing the Cascade Mountains where the eastern side had been in the 70's with abundant sunshine. Surely that would last until I got there, right? Hah!

Back to Twanoh.

4, 14, and 30 were nice sites and the shore at low tide was festooned with oysters for the picking.

Twanoh-State-Park-Campsite_004 Twanoh-State-Park-Campsite_014 Twanoh-State-Park-Campsite_030 Twanoh-Oysters

Belfair is the Big Kahuna in these parts.


It's 167 spots included several full hookup sites right next to the beach, such as 30, 31, and 32.

Belfair_030 Belfair_031 Belfair_032

There are also waterfront sites for the tent crowd. 149 and 150 being good examples.

Belfair_149 Belfair_150

Umbrellas are very popular in the PNW.

At least when I visit.

Next stop was Scenic Beach.


Of it's 50 campsites I liked 15 and 34 among others.

Scenic_015 Scenic_034

The beach lived up to it's name.


Offering spectacular views of the Olympic Mountains.


I spent the next night at Kitsap State Park.


The 38 sites are in two distinct loops.

1-18 have full hookups and look like this:


The rest, such as 19, 31, and 37 offer more privacy.

Kitsap_019 Kitsap_031 Kitsap_037

You will also find four cabins, a play area, (it was fun, Fred loved the slides) and a view of the Olympics.

Kitsap-Cabins Kitsap-Play-Area Kitsap-View

I made a brief stop at little Illahee.


It's 25 sites contained gems like 6 and 8.

Illahee_006 Illahee_008

Manchester was the site of several structures from the Spanish-American war.


The torpedo warehouse was the largest, and currently serves as an indoor day use area.


I used it to take a break from the rain. It's located next to the beach, which was pretty good planning by the government.


There are 49 sites with about one third offering power and water. I splurged and bought the electricity so I could plug in a small heater. 14, 17, and 18 were my favorites of those sites.

Manchester_014 Manchester_017 Manchester_018

My last stop before crossing over Stevens Pass to the sun and warmth (hah) of central Washington was Penrose Point.


Pretty Penrose Point has 83 campsites. I thought 18, 49, and 63 were good examples.

Penrose-Point_018 Penrose-Point_049 Penrose-Point_063

You will also find a great picnic area with a beach and pier to clam or fish.

Penrose-Point-Picnic-Area Penrose-Point-Beach Penrose-Point-Pier

I bid ado to the cold and damp of Puget Sound and headed over the Tacoma Narrows bridge in search of warmth and sun.


Driving through Bellevue the prospects looked good.


I turned east on Highway 2 and after 170 miles ended up near Leavenworth.


Yep, 70 degrees and sunny.

The next day the temperature dropped 40 degrees but at least it didn't rain.


It snowed.

Look for new reviews/photos of 4 more Washington State Park campgrounds in our next post!

Regards and happy camping, Park Ranger


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