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Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area Review and Photos

The wet weather continued as my little dog Fred and I arrived in Bend. The plan was to take a break for a bit at a private campground before heading south.

I set up camp in "rain mode", consisting of a 10x12 tarp attached to the side of the trailer with a pole in the middle. It works quite well.


After a couple of days the skies cleared and we decided to have a campfire. Fred volunteered to fetch firewood while I made dinner.

I assumed he would just be dragging back little sticks but the boy surprised me with his ingenuity.


Yep, he used my sawzall.

Diamond-Lake-Sign Lake-of-the-Woods-Sign

I drove another few hundred miles south into California.

And right into a heat wave.

From 50 degrees to 100+.

On a warm (100+ degrees) and sunny day I pulled into Woodson Bridge State Recreation Area.


The park is located 6 miles east of Corning on the Sacramento River.

Luckily, the 37 sites are shaded, like mine, number 7.


8, 9, 13, 26, and 31 were other nice ones.

Woodson-Bridge_008 Woodson-Bridge_009 Woodson-Bridge_013 Woodson-Bridge_026 Woodson-Bridge_031

That's not rain. The hosts were watering the campground. Probably hadn't heard about the drought. Probably should avoid watering asphalt.

Being the fool that I am I decided to go on a short hike to the river.

Woodson-Bridge-Trail Sacramento-River-View-1 Sacramento-River-View-2

There is great fishing in this stretch of the river. Shad were darting around in the riffles when I was there and at other times of the year you can expect to catch salmon and steelhead.

Right next to the state land is a county park with a boat ramp.


And the aptly named Woodson Bridge with a beach below.


The shade felt good. The campground will run you $28 per night. There are showers (pay of course, this is California) but there are no hookups.

And that's my short report/post for today!

Regards and happy camping, Park Ranger


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