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Bolsa Chica State Beach Campground (California)


Bolsa Chica State Beach Camping Guide

Bolsa Chica State Beach campground is right on one of the more popular beaches in Southern California. All 60 sites have water and power, with the odd numbered sites (1-59) having beach front, and the other (2-60) even sites off the beach (PCH view). All sites are in a parking lot and are paved.

Located across from the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve, Bolsa Chica State Beach is known for its softer surf, it’s perfect for swimming, soaking up the beach scene and for beginning surfers, as surfing is allowed here year-round. The RV campground is all paved and affords the opportunity to stay overnight any time of the year while fire rings, basketball courts and picnic areas dot the area.

Please enjoy the campsite photos of Bolsa Chica campground.  We will continue to add more campsite photos of the campground if some are not available.

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Bolsa Cafe
Bolsa Chica Beach 1
Bolsa Chica Beach 2
Bolsa Chica Beach 3
Bolsa Chica Beach 4
Bolsa Chica Beachfront Campsites
Bolsa Chica Campground 1
Bolsa Chica Campground 2
Bolsa Chica Campsites
Bolsa Chica Dump Station
Bolsa Chica Lifeguard Tower
Bolsa Chica Park Entrance
Bolsa Chica Parking
Bolsa Chica Restroom
Typical Beachfront Campsite 1
Typical Beachfront Campsite 2
Typical Inland Campsite

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