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Carpinteria State Beach Campground


Carpinteria State Beach Camping Guide

Carpinteria State Beach is a mile-long beach with activities such as swimming, surfing, fishing and camping. Seals and sea lions and an occasional gray whale may be spotted during the winter months where it actually can get bit chilly, requiring coats. It has 216 campsites for RV's and tent camping. The beach is located in an urban setting within the town of Carpinteria. Shopping and restaurants are just a short drive. If you forget anything or are looking for something other than camping food your just minutes away. The beach here is wide and sandy and rated “the safest beach in the world” by local residents. The beach here is one of the most beautiful places along the Southern California coast. Finding a camping site during the summer requires making a reservation months ahead of your trip. Carpinteria is close enough from Los Angeles for a day trip however if you are planning on camping it's wise to reserve early. Reservations can be made seven months in advance.

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Carpinteria State Beach Comments & Reviews

Visted Carpinteria State Beach Campground lately? We'd love to hear about your adventure. Did you find us useful? Did we forget something? Anything our community should know before heading out to Carpinteria State Beach?

Average User Rating:
based on 7 reviews
The beach front sites are 21 ft. from curb to the end of the white line in San Miguel & Santa Rosa so you can hang over in the back BUT you need to make sure that the site has room for you to do that as some have trees and bushes that will not allow hangover.
Question- the beach front sites say there is a MAX RV length of 25 ft. Is this true? Do you know if they are pretty strict about the max rv lengths?
User Rating:
FYI - we have updated the photos (late 2013) for Carpinteria State Beach and all of the photos are current/correct.
Thanks for the heads up on the renumbered sites. We are going to reshoot all campgrounds at Carpinteria in 2013.
As of Oct. 17, 2012 San Miguel has been renumberd so the sites you see on here are NOT correct.
User Rating:
This beach had the worst lots for tent camping. We were mixed in with the RVs. The lots were small patches of dirt, next to a chain link fence, on a slope. It was shocking. With Amtrak running ALL times of day. The bright side is, it's very close to the beach.

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