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Crags Campground (California)


Crags Camping Guide

Lassen Volcanic National Park is located in the northeastern corner of California with the topography varying from level upland valleys to steep mountains and canyons. The area has an abundance of forests, meadows, streams, lakes, mountain vistas, wildflowers and wildlife. It’s also famous for the dormant volcano/lava dome. Visitors can also explore the mudpots, steaming fumaroles and many cinder cone volcanoes in the Park. Recreational activities include scenic drives, hiking (to Mount Lassen, the thermal areas and other trails), backpacking, fishing, biking and wildlife viewing. There is also a visitor center, museum and historic sites to visit. Visitors can stay at any of the several campgrounds, cabins and the Drakesbad Guest Ranch.

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Crags Bathroom
Crags Sign
Lassen Sign
Mount Lassen

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