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Dogwood Campground (California)


Dogwood Camping Guide

Situated in a densely wooded area with tall conifers and lush undergrowth, this campground offers a scenic setting not far from Lake Arrowhead. Each campsite is placed to offer maximum seclusion. Dogwood campground is named for the beautiful Dogwood trees, whose spring blossoms and fall foliage present spectacular displays.

Dogwood Campground has 93 campsites, many which are suitable for camper units. Sites are also available for trailers and motor homes. This campground provides tables, stoves, flush toilets and piped water.

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Dogwood Comments & Reviews

Visted Dogwood Campground lately? We'd love to hear about your adventure. Did you find us useful? Did we forget something? Anything our community should know before heading out to Dogwood?

Average User Rating:
based on 2 reviews
We just got back from Dogwood today. It is in the mountains, so bring chapstick and moisturizer. There is a real yellow jacket problem, but if you plan ahead it's ok. You'll either have to eat meals inside (we ate in our RV) or you should plan to bring a netted shade structure. There are traps hanging in every campsite, but the little buggers don't seem to care. They don't bother you if there is no food out, so keep that in mind. The park itself was really nice. We were at site #68. There are no pictures of it anywhere online, so I took some. It's a really nice site with no next-door neighbors. This site has the two little trails pass right by it. Our dogs were tethered but they were occasionally surprised by random folks walking on the trials. The bathrooms are clean, there is plenty of water available. Firewood is for sale, currently $7 a bundle. The town of Blue Jay is a few miles away in case you forget something, We will be going back again!
User Rating:
We stayed at dogwood 8/16/13 for 2 nights we stayed at sites 43 and 44. Overall a good expieriance. I would recommend 43over 44 but both are a great back up choice Iif your favorite site is taken. Pros: somewhat secluded sites (44 is comepletly secluded). Free hot showers a good overall expieriance. Cons: there was a wasp problem. Bathrooms and showers were a bit of a walk from our site. Site 44 has a short uphill trail to up to the site, its hard to see the trail on the picture here. A bit of work lugging your csmping gear up into the site but if seclusion is what you want. 44 is the site you want.
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