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Fry Creek Campground (California)


Fry Creek Camping Guide

Fry Creek campground is located just below the Palomar Mtn. Observatory at 4900-foot elevation in a Sierra Nevada-like setting among pines, oak and cedar trees. . There are 20 campsites on Palomar Mountain. Scenic driving on the "Highway to the Stars". Hiking on the nature trail or on several mountain trails. Fishing pond is nearby.

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Fry Creek Comments & Reviews

Visted Fry Creek Campground lately? We'd love to hear about your adventure. Did you find us useful? Did we forget something? Anything our community should know before heading out to Fry Creek?

Average User Rating:
based on 2 reviews
The Camp Ground is great but during hunting season-- to many people go up there and ruin the hunt for hunters. They're rude and talking their little hikes and it literally pisses you off to no end. Have some respect, we pay to use the land just like you, other than that the place is great!
User Rating:
We stayed at this campground in March 2014. Bathrooms were fairly clean - vault toilet and no sink so bring wet wipes or sanitizer! However there is a faucet that has running water next to the vault toilet. Camp sites were spaced far apart, some nice trails nearby. You can reserve online, and there were no firewood restrictions at the time I can (but be mindful of what you bring in anyway). Overall I do recommend this campground, unless you like flush toilets, showers, etc - then you will want to stay at the nearby Palomar Observatory campground, which has these amenities.
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