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Mazama Campground (Oregon)


Mazama Camping Guide

Crater Lake has inspired people for hundreds of years. No place else on earth combines a deep, pure lake, so blue in color; sheer surrounding cliffs, almost two thousand feet high; two picturesque islands; and a violent volcanic past. It is a place of immeasurable beauty, and an outstanding outdoor laboratory and classroom.

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Mazama Comments & Reviews

Visted Mazama Campground lately? We'd love to hear about your adventure. Did you find us useful? Did we forget something? Anything our community should know before heading out to Mazama?

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Crater Lake 1
Crater Lake 2
Crater Lake 3
Crater Lake Sign
Crater View
Ghost Ship
Mazama A001
Mazama A002
Mazama A003
Mazama A004
Mazama A005
Mazama A006
Mazama A007
Mazama A008
Mazama A009
Mazama A010
Mazama A011
Mazama A012
Mazama A013
Mazama A014
Mazama A015
Mazama B001
Mazama B002
Mazama B003
Mazama B004
Mazama B005
Mazama B006
Mazama B007
Mazama B008
Mazama B009
Mazama B010
Mazama B011
Mazama B012
Mazama B013
Mazama B014
Mazama B015
Mazama B016
Mazama B017
Mazama Bathroom
Mazama C001
Mazama C002
Mazama C003
Mazama C004
Mazama C005
Mazama C006
Mazama C007
Mazama C008
Mazama C009
Mazama C010
Mazama C011
Mazama C012
Mazama C013
Mazama C014
Mazama C015
Mazama C016
Mazama C017
Mazama C018
Mazama C019
Mazama C020
Mazama C021
Mazama C022
Mazama C023
Mazama C024
Mazama C025
Mazama C026
Mazama D001
Mazama D002
Mazama D003
Mazama D004
Mazama D005
Mazama D006
Mazama D007
Mazama D008
Mazama D009
Mazama D010
Mazama D011
Mazama D012
Mazama D013
Mazama D014
Mazama D015
Mazama D016
Mazama D017
Mazama D018
Mazama D019
Mazama D020
Mazama D021
Mazama D022
Mazama D023
Mazama D024
Mazama D025
Mazama D026
Mazama D027
Mazama D028
Mazama D029
Mazama D030
Mazama D031
Mazama D032
Mazama D033
Mazama D034
Mazama D035
Mazama E001
Mazama E002
Mazama E003
Mazama E004
Mazama E005
Mazama E007
Mazama E008
Mazama E009
Mazama E010
Mazama E011
Mazama E012
Mazama E013
Mazama E014
Mazama E015
Mazama E016
Mazama E017
Mazama E018
Mazama E019
Mazama E020
Mazama E021
Mazama E022
Mazama E023
Mazama E024
Mazama E025
Mazama E026
Mazama E027
Mazama E028
Mazama E029
Mazama E030
Mazama E031
Mazama E032
Mazama E033
Mazama E034
Mazama E035
Mazama E036
Mazama E037
Mazama E038
Mazama E039
Mazama E040
Mazama E041
Mazama E042
Mazama E043
Mazama E044
Mazama E045
Mazama E046
Mazama E047
Mazama E048
Mazama E049
Mazama E050
Mazama E051
Mazama E052
Mazama E053
Mazama E054
Mazama E055
Mazama F001
Mazama F002
Mazama F003
Mazama F004
Mazama F005
Mazama F006
Mazama F007
Mazama F008
Mazama F009
Mazama F010
Mazama F011
Mazama F012
Mazama F013
Mazama F014
Mazama F015
Mazama F016
Mazama F017
Mazama F018
Mazama F020
Mazama F021
Mazama F022
Mazama F023
Mazama F024
Mazama F025
Mazama F026
Mazama F027
Mazama F028
Mazama F029
Mazama G001
Mazama G002
Mazama G003
Mazama G004
Mazama G005
Mazama G006
Mazama G007
Mazama G008
Mazama G009
Mazama G010
Mazama G011
Mazama G012
Mazama G013
Mazama G014
Mazama G015
Mazama G016
Mazama G017
Mazama G018
Mazama G019
Mazama G020
Mazama G021
Mazama G022
Mazama G023
Mazama G024
Mazama G025
Mazama G026
Mazama G027
Mazama G028
Mazama G029
Mazama G030
Mazama G031
Mazama G032
Mazama G033
Mazama G034
Mazama G035
Mazama G036
Mazama G037
Mazama Restaurant
Mazama Sign
Pinnacles 1
Pinnacles 2