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Plaskett Creek State Park Campground


Plaskett Creek State Park Camping Guide

Plaskett Creek Campground is located in Big Sur, CA approximately 40 miles north of Cambria, CA and 55 miles south of Carmel, CA. It sits on the east side of Hwy. 1 and is just south of Sand Dollar Beach Day Use area which is the largest sandy beach in Big Sur. Altitude is approximately 150 above sea level. Average Temperature in the summer is high 60s to mid 70s in the day and high 50s to mid 60s at night. Average Temperature in the winter is mid 60s in the day and high 40s to mid 50s at night. Wildlife includes Fox, Bobcat, Deer and Raccoon. Occasional Mountain Lion and Bear are seen in the area although they have never entered the campground. Keep food in a secure location as the Raccoons will get at anything left out. Campground is like a large meadow with mature pine trees located throughout campground.

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