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Ponderosa Campground (Arizona)


Ponderosa Camping Guide


Ponderosa Campground is first-come, first serve and has 49 campsites and sits at an of 5,600 feet  in a Lower Rim Transition forest of Ponderosa mixed with Juniper, Oak and Manzanita. It is composed of four loops - A through D and is conveniently located to Payson, AZ, Mogollon Rim and other area sites. Discovery Walks are offered on the weekends and firewood is available for a fee.


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Ponderosa Comments & Reviews

Visted Ponderosa Campground lately? We'd love to hear about your adventure. Did you find us useful? Did we forget something? Anything our community should know before heading out to Ponderosa?

Average User Rating:
based on 2 reviews
We visited in May 2015, staying in site A-07. The site was nice, but the table at this site was a bit bent out of shape, like something very heavy had been dropped on one end of it. A few pine stumps are scattered around the site - watch that you don't set anything down on them, some are still a bit sappy. Each site has a bear locker - judging from the last review on this site, bears have been a problem here. Firewood is available from the campground host, and we had no trouble finding kindling to get a fire going. The restrooms and water were a satisfactory distance from the site - not too close and not too far. We did get some noise from 260 at this site, but camp sites further in would not have that problem.
User Rating:
This campground is currently closed to all tent camping and pop up trailers because of bears. Only RV's are allowed.

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Ponderosa A Loop 002
Ponderosa A Loop 003
Ponderosa A Loop 004
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Ponderosa D Loop 008
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Ponderosa D Loop 011
Ponderosa Sign
Ponderosa Bathroom