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Seaquest State Park Campground (Washington)


Seaquest State Park Camping Guide

Seaquest State Park is a 475-acre, year-round camping park near Mount St. Helens. The beautifully forested park claims over a mile of Silver Lake shoreline, a shallow wetland lake. Enjoy one mile of wetland trail and six miles of woodland trails for hiking and bicycling; see spectacular views of wildlife, Silver Lake and the surrounding area. There are also children's play areas and playing fields. Great seasonal fishing, boating and swimming are available nearby.

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Seaquest State Park Comments & Reviews

Visted Seaquest State Park Campground lately? We'd love to hear about your adventure. Did you find us useful? Did we forget something? Anything our community should know before heading out to Seaquest State Park?

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We stayed here June 2015 in our 24' Chinook Destiny. Our rig was fine for the regular campground, but bigger rigs will need to use the dedicated RV loop. Seaquest is the park to stay at if you're going to visit Mt. St. Helens (you'll need a tow vehicle if you don't want to drive your rig since the park is 50 miles away from the mountain.) We enjoyed the many trails in the park, and the 1-mile trail and boardwalk around Silver Lake, from which you can see the mountain. The Silver Lake Mount Saint Helens Visitor Center is across the road, accessed by a tunnel under the highway. There is also a coffee and shave ice stand outside the visitor center that was open on the weekend. Two complaints while we were there: no doggie bags and the swingset in the playground closest to us was in serious need of oil!

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