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Sycamore Canyon Campground


Sycamore Canyon Camping Guide

Campers who prefer mountains and mountain activities will want to stay at Sycamore Canyon, half a mile or so inland from Pacific Coast Highway. Most of the park's trails can be reached from the campground, which has not only huge, shade-providing trees but also restrooms with flush toilets and showers. (Hot water will cost you 75 cents.)

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Sycamore Canyon Comments & Reviews

Visted Sycamore Canyon Campground lately? We'd love to hear about your adventure. Did you find us useful? Did we forget something? Anything our community should know before heading out to Sycamore Canyon?

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User Rating:
Just got home from our very first family trip, and I'm so glad that we chose Sycamore Canyon. The campgrounds are well maintained and very contained. Our neighbors were great, we invited the two neighboring sites over for s'mores, and just had a blast. The bathrooms were very clean, all the fountains worked. There was a fire a couple of months (or maybe even a year) back, so the amount of wildlife (i.e. snakes) was just nonexistent. The trails are busy with mtn bikes and day hikers, but there wasn't really a moment I felt like we were close to a high-use trailhead. The rangers circle through on a regular basis, and the park host was always very welcoming. Skip buying firewood at the grocery store, and buy the wood there for $7/bunch. Would love to go back at any moment. We enjoyed the day hiking, hearing the waves crashing, and just a lot of peace and quiet. FYI - you'll only get cell service if you stay in the day use area. There was *NO* cell coverage in the canyon or up on any of the trails. Showers were a $1, bring a bill...the token machine for the shower didn't show a spot to insert coins.

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