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Wasatch Mountain State Park Cottonwood Campground (Utah)


Wasatch Mountain State Park Cottonwood Camping Guide

Wasatch Mountain State Park, in beautiful Heber Valley, is both a summer and winter destination. Soldier Hollow, the 2002 Olympic winter venue is located at the park's south end, and is open year-round for summer and winter activities, including biathlon, cross-country skiing, tubing, mountain biking, and hiking.

This is one of Utah's most popular state parks. It is located close to Salt Lake City and offers beautiful scenery and year-round activities. Here you can golf, hike, bike, camp, horseback ride, snowmobile, cross-country ski, and snowshoe. During warmer months, reserve a tee time at the popular Wasatch Mountain and Soldier Hollow golf courses. In winter, ski or snowmobile through the alpine terrain.

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Cottonwood Bathroom
Cottonwood Sign
Wasatch Golf Clubhouse
Wasatch Golf Course
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