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White Tank Campground (California)


White Tank Camping Guide

Located in the heart of Joshua Tree, White Tank campground tends to draw the fewest visitors, though the scenery and surroundings compare to any other campground in the park.

Whitetank campground is open year round and has 15 campsites. Each campsite has a parking pad area (dirt), picnic table, fire ring and grill. Whitetank campground does not have water, but you will enjoy the comfort of vault/pit toilets. Whitetank campground is first-come, first-serve (no reservations).

Outdoor recreation include camping, hiking, biking, rock climbing, bouldering, star-gazing, wildlife viewing and exploring many of the historic sites in Joshua Tree National Park.

White Tank Comments & Reviews

Visted White Tank Campground lately? We'd love to hear about your adventure. Did you find us useful? Did we forget something? Anything our community should know before heading out to White Tank?

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I always go to White Tank Campground whenever I visit Joshua Tree NP. White Tank and Belle campground are usually closed from June through September, and there is a fee. $10 per night. This is one of my favorite campground. Quiet, great place for stargazing and easy access to other parts of the park. Always bring more than enough water because you won't find any place for water in the park.
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White Tank Campground is located in Joshua Tree National Park.

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