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Grand Canyon National Park

Google Map Coordinates: Latitude: 36.053284 / Longitude: -112.139549

Perhaps no landscape on Earth is as surprising to the observer as the vast yet intricate face of the Grand Canyon. Over several million years the Colorado River has carved an immense chasm through this arid land. The layers of rock exposed in the canyon walls record much of the geologic history of North America. It is the visual impact of the landscape that impresses most people. The world seems larger here, with sunrises, sunsets, and storms taking on an added dimension to match the landscape. More than 100 years ago people began to realize that the canyon needed protection, if future visitors were to experience the natural wonder of this landscape. Although it was not without controversy, the U.S. Congress, expressing the will of the people, set aside Grand Canyon National Park in 1919. Sixty years later the canyon was declared a World Heritage Site to be preserved and protected, with the assent and support of the entire community of nations, for future generations as one of the greatest treasures of humankind.

The park has great camping on both the south and north rims, and a variety of trails into, across, and along its length. And, of course, it has one of the world's most spectacular views.

We offer campsite photos of Mather campground, and campsite photos of Desert View campground.

Grand Canyon National Park Camping Guide Continued »

Grand Canyon National Park Campsite Photos and Information