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Lake Shasta National Forest

Google Map Coordinates: Latitude: 40.678165 / Longitude: -122.370003

Shasta Lake is one of the largest lakes in the western United States with 365 miles of shoreline when at full pool. Lake Shasta is formed by the Sacramento, McCloud, Squaw and Pit Rivers, held back by the massive Shasta Dam, the second-largest in the United States after Grand Coulee. Thirty-five miles long with almost 370 miles of shoreline, it holds enough water when full to provide about 5,000 gallons to every person in the country.

Shasta Lake is a very popular camping destination. There is a broad spectrum of camping facilities, ranging from the primitive to the luxurious. At the upper end of the scale, there are 10 marinas and a number of resorts offering rental cabins, motel type accommodations, and RV parks and campgrounds with electric hook ups, swimming pools and showers.

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