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Zion National Park

Google Map Coordinates: Latitude: 37.257420 / Longitude: -112.953491

Zion National Park contains eight geologic formations and four major vegetation zones. The highlight for most visitors is 2,400 foot deep Zion Canyon. A scenic drive winds through the bottom, along the North Fork of the Virgin River, past some of the most spectacular scenery in the park. Hiking trails branch off to lofty viewpoints and narrow side canyons. Adventurous souls can continue on foot past the road's end into the eerie depths of the Virgin River Narrows.

Zion's amazing spires, vivid colors and Alice-in-Wonderland scale-2,000 foot-high walls separated by 20 foot-wide corridors-set this national park apart. Sculpted by the Virgin River, which drops nine times as fast as the Colorado, sandstone is cut into a series of intricate galleries of steep cliffs and great rock temples. Wildflowers and wildlife abound as does an array of streams and waterfalls. Red-tinted paved roads provide easy access year-round.

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