Top 10 Colorado Campsites

January 19, 2016Campground Recommendations6 Comments

With hundreds of amazing campgrounds and thousands of beautiful campsites to choose from in Colorado, our goal was pretty ambitious: pick the top 10 Colorado campsites!

Granted we’ve only visited and photographed each campsite in 58 public Colorado Campgrounds, but we think we have picked out 10 pretty sweet spots from the ones we do have on!

And fear not, our photographers will be canvassing Colorado later this year to add many more campgrounds and campsite photos. Who knows, perhaps we’ll find a few other campsites that make the top 10 list or maybe we’ll just come up with another list. Without further adieu, here’s our list of top 10 campsites in Colorado (in alphabetical order):

Top 10 Colorado Campsites

Aspen Grove #205 (Vega State Park)

Bockman #311 (State Forest State Park)

Carpios Ridge #52 (Trinidad Lake State Park)

Moraine Park #225 (Rocky Mountain National Park)

North Michigan #221 (State Forest State Park)

North Shore #219 (Eleven Mile State Park)

Peak One #51

Ranger Lakes #120

Rocky Ridge #56 (Eleven Mile State Park)

Stagecoach State Park #14

Honorable Mention

Early Setters #113 (Vega State Park)

Heaton Bay #22

Iron Creek #30 (Crawford State Park)

Oak Point #307 (Vega State Park)

Prospector #62

We’d love to get your feedback and welcome any suggestions for Colorado campsites that you think should be on our top 10 list! Also, be sure to let us know about any campgrounds you’d like us to photograph.

Regards, Park Ranger

6 Replies to “Top 10 Colorado Campsites”

  1. Hi there! Great pictures! Ever been to Jackson Lake near Fort Morgan?

  2. Thank you for this site. Your pictures show a better perspective of the sites. This site has been a great help to us in picking a decent site to camp in.

  3. You missed Grand View Campground at the end of the Long Draw Road near Cameron Pass. . . .

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