Camping with an E-Bike

Camping with an E-Bike will take your next camping adventure to another level of fun! Whether you’re cruising the campground, riding the trails or searching for that secret fishing hole, your e-bike will allow you to explore further, faster and easier.  Not only can e-bikes help you explore further, but they are easy to use, fun, quiet and environmentally friendly.

E-bike camping trips can start right from your home (“bike packing”) on overnight trips to nearby camping destinations. You can also bring it along for multi-day trips using your car or RV. Whichever way you go, here are some important tips to keep in mind for your e-bike camping adventure.

E-Bike Rules & Trails

Be sure to check out the campground rules regarding e-bikes before you go. Most campgrounds and parks allow e-bikes, but laws/classifications from one state to another are different. Many National Parks have relaxed restrictions to allow Class 2 e-bikes to follow the same rules as regular bikes.

If you’re planning to ride the trails, make sure they are bike friendly.  Trails can be classified for hikers (foot) only or multi-use (hike, bike, horse). Just remember to watch your speed on the trails because you’ll probably encounter other hikers and slower mountain bikes.  It’s also a good idea to find out if the roads have separate bike lanes.

Power Up

If you don’t have a solar charger (portable and/or on your RV), you’ll want to call ahead to see if there are electric plugs available at the campground. These could be at the restrooms, ranger station or common area/buildings.  Campsites with RV hookups typically can charge e-bike batteries.  Buying a portable charging station is another option.

Also remember that your e-bike range will vary if you’re planning on hauling some gear or firewood back to the campsite. You’ll get fewer miles per charge with more weight.

Keeping It Safe & Secure

Locking up your e-bike and even setting an alarm is a very good idea when it is left unattended at the campground.  Since cables and chains can be cut with bolt cutters, we recommend using a U-Lock 18mm shackle or a folding lock with high-quality hardened steel. It’s also a good idea to bring along a lightweight tarp to cover your e-bike (out of sight, out of mind) in case you have some overnight rain or moisture.

Dead Horse Point State Park (UT) – Moenkopi Yurts


Remember to bring the essentials including your helmet, bike pump, an extra tire tube and/or tire patches, all-in-one tool and maybe even a few replacement chain links. Also give some thought as to how you’ll be using your e-bike during the trip. Will you go on short rides or all-day adventures? Throwing on a backpack or fanny pack with food/water is nice. You can also add bike bags or even a bike trailer for more gear.

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