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Find Available Campsites With Campsite Assist

Find Available Campsites With Campsite Assist:  CAMPSITE ASSIST is an advanced online tool that finds available campsites when someone cancels a reservation at sold-out campgrounds throughout the USA. CAMPSITE ASSIST alerts a user (via text and email) when a campsite becomes available and includes a link to the reservation website or availability results page so you can immediately try and reserve the campsite.

How do I sign up for a CAMPSITE ASSIST alert?

Signing up for a CAMPSITE ASSIST alert is easy.

  1. Enter or search for the campground where you want to camp
  2. Choose which campground loops you’d like to keep and eye on
  3. Select any filters if you are looking for specific types of campsites (with hookups, group sites, ADA/handicap, equestrian, etc.)
  4. Select whether you want to do a ‘Specific Scan’ or ‘Matrix Scan’
    1. A Specific Scan triggers an alert when your scan finds availability matching your exact arrival and departure date
    2. A Matrix Scan returns a report of all availability found within your 7-day date range
  5. Enter the arrival and departure dates (for Specific Scan) or the date range (for Matrix Scan)
  6. Enter the e-mail and phone number to receive your alerts
  7. Select the frequency you’d like to scan and pay to get it started

Find Available Campsites With Campsite Assist - Scan Type

Specific Scan Frequency & Pricing

Find Available Campsites With Campsite Assist - Specific Scan Pricing

Matrix Scan Frequency & Pricing

Find Available Campsites With Campsite Assist - Matrix pricing

Scan Packs are a great way to go if you think you’ll be doing a lot of camping or a lot of scan over the next 24 months!

Find Available Campsites With Campsite Assist - Scan Pack PricingYour scan starts immediately after payment and CAMPSITE ASSIST will send an alert/notification should a campsite become available for the campground and dates you’ve selected. You can change the date of arrival and/or number of nights of your scan up until you receive an alert. You cannot change the dates once you receive an availability alert.

What happens when I receive a campsite availability alert?

Once you receive an alert be sure to click on the reservation link right away. Campsites are in very high demand, particularly for popular campgrounds and during peak times. Other campers may have received an alert for a cancelled campsite or someone may randomly be checking for campsites and reserve the site before you could. Remember – act immediately and click on the reservation link once you receive a campsite alert.

How do I improve my chances for getting an alert for a cancelled campsite?

There are a few things you can do to increase your chances for getting a cancelled campsite alert.

  • Choose a quicker scanning frequency (i.e. 3 minutes) – you’ll have a 10 or 30 minute jump on someone that chooses scans of 13 or 33 minutes
  • Try shortening the length of your stay (i.e. 2 or 3 nights vs. 6 or 7 nights)
  • Enter an arrival date well in advance (4-6 months)
  • Don’t wait! Once you get your alert – click on the link immediately and try to reserve the campsite

Get started and Find Available Campsites with CAMPSITE ASSIST!

2 Replies to “Find Available Campsites With Campsite Assist”

  1. scob100@msn.com says:

    I just purchased an alert this morning. We since have changed our plans. Can we cancel with a refund? No alerts have been sent. Thank you, richard

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