How To Plan For A Camping Trip

The wilderness can be unforgiving, even with the proper gear. The last thing you want is to reach a remote destination and find that you forgot something essential. Better to develop a plan to make sure you’re well equipped and have a great time.

If you’re new to camping, here are some tips and a list of items to consider for planning your next camping trip.

The Tip List:

Weigh luxuries against absolute necessities (for instance, a handheld GPS is fun and helpful, but a map and compass work fine, too). Your specific destination may require additional gear or far less, if weight is an issue.

Tips & Warnings

Have some spare clothing, but resist the urge to bring everything in your closet. Most people don’t use all the clothing they bring and regret having to carry it.
Remember to freeze ice packs the night before you leave.
Get a map of your destination, or better yet – plug it into an app.
Purchase a headlamp instead of a flashlight for hands-free convenience.
When you’re hiking, stop frequently to look around. Note landmarks and you’ll be less likely to get lost. Discuss with the group what to do if someone gets lost.

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