Who Is a Campground Manager and How to Become One

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A campground manager looks into a campground’s affairs and ensures they run smoothly. They ensure that guests coming to the campsites have filled out all the necessary forms and provided all the required information. Their duty also includes providing top-notch customer service for guests and making their stay worthwhile.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field, finding out about campground manager jobs and acquiring the necessary skills is a great way to commence your career. To this end, we have teamed up with experts from job aggregator Jooble to discuss becoming a campground manager. Let’s dive into the details.

How to Become a Campground Manager

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Campground managers are responsible for repairing and maintaining the equipment at the campsite, providing campers with instructions to hiking trails, museums, and other tourist sites. They also ensure the campground is kept clean to attract guests. A campsite manager can also provide information about the neighborhood’s history and amenities. They frequently serve as liaisons between camp owners, visitors, and rangers.

However, there are no specific educational requirements to work as a campsite manager. You can excel in the position by equipping yourself with particular skills and experiences.

Below is the typical professional path to explore if you want to become a campground manager.

Gain Customer Service Skills

Being a campground manager requires solid customer service skills. You will meet people from across the world, people you’ve never met before, and those who don’t speak your language. You must give them the best service to keep them as lifetime customers and get referrals.

Note that when a customer doesn’t get the treatment, they desire at a campsite, they might never come back again, which would amount to a loss for the company. So, before acquiring a job as a campground manager, experience in other positions is mandatory. Hence, many campground manager jobs require you to have previous career experience in roles such as administrator, salesperson, or assistant manager. The expertise you garner from your work experience will equip you with the skills to relate well with customers.

Take Advantage of The Resources Out There

With the advent of technology and the world becoming a smaller place through the internet, it is now easy to find campground manager jobs than before. However, you have to know the process.

A simple search “campground manager jobs” will lead you to several job search sites where you can find a camp manager job and other employment of your choice. Also, most job sites have a filter function that allows you to select the kind of job you want, how you want it, and where you want it. Thus, it is essential to note that some job sites require a subscription to use their services; while most are free, you can only decide to subscribe to the premium plan if you want a top-notch service.

Apply Early and Do Your Research

Aside from the fact that companies finalize their recruitment exercise based on competence, they sometimes also consider first come, first serve, especially when two or more applicants meet the requirements. Sending your application in due time will increase your probability of getting the job in such a situation.

More so, you must research the agencies you’re applying to; does the job require that you leave your state and travel to another? How well do they treat their workers? Is there provision for food, water, and electricity? Aside from these, you must also research the area/camp you’ll be working in; are there wild animals in the regions? How favorable is the weather? And many more.

Once you have done your research, the next thing is to start applying to different campgrounds and hiring agencies. Applying to different organizations will give you a higher chance of getting employed, and you’ll have the opportunity to choose the most suitable option amidst the several job offers you get.

Be Committed

After you have accepted a campground manager position, you’ll be required to commit your time, energy, and skill to the course of the business. Most campground employers will need you to work all year round without a break; this is a significant time commitment as you’ll not have the opportunity to spend time with your family and friends or carry on most of your daily routine. However, you’ll soon get used to it with time, and being a campground manager becomes your everyday life.

If you know you cannot work all year round, you must’ve informed your employer beforehand. Leaving your job without prior notice to your employer might cost you your job and even hinder you from getting another one because your employer may blocklist you.


Campground management is a great seasonal job and a worthwhile career to explore. Your primary responsibility is to look after your guests, provide for their needs and ensure that the campground is clean. Depending on the scope of your work or your agreement with your employer, you might sometimes need to do menial jobs such as cleaning the toilet/bathrooms, picking up trash, and maintaining the location.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing all the above, you might need to reassess your campground management ambition. Although it can be fun sometimes, living in the wood for several months is not for everyone.

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