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Valley of Fire Arch Rock Campground Nevada

Valley of Fire Arch Rock Overview

Valley of Fire Arch Rock 028

Valley of Fire Arch Rock Campground has 29 campsites set among beautiful bright red Aztec sandstone outcroppings in the Nevada desert.

Campsites accommodate tents, trailers and RVs. There are no hookups at this campground. Check out is 11am. Each campsite is allowed a maximum of 2 vehicles and 8 people. Group camping (3 sites / 45 people per site)  is also available by reservation at Valley of Fire State Park.

Campground amenities include drinking water and vault toilets. Showers and a dump station are available at Atlatl Rock Campground. Wifi is also available (for a fee). Each campsite has a table (with shade structure), fire ring and grate. Except for the visitor center, pet are allowed in the park (including trails) but must be on a 6-foot leash.

Also, the cell phone coverage at Valley of Fire State Park is spotty at best (depending on your provider). You may be able to get a signal at Mouse’s Tank Road near parking lot #3.  The Fire Canyon/Silica Dome Overlook may also work.

Arch Rock – Valley of Fire State Park Area Recreation

Valley of Fire State Park is the oldest and largest state park in Nevada and includes 45,000 acres of spectacular geological wonders featuring bright red Aztec sandstone. Contrary to popular belief the valley is not always on fire, but rather derives its name from the red sandstone formations.

Valley of Fire State Park offers visitors the opportunity to explore historic sites & ruins, see petrified trees, hike and bike the many trails and visit the full-scale visitor center.  Photography, star gazing and wildlife viewing are also very popular activities. Valley of Fire State Park also offers a great base camp for the RiSE Festival each October.

Atlatl Rock Campground is another option at Valley of Fire State Park and has 44 campsites (some with electric/water hookups).  There are also three group camping areas that can accommodate 45 campers. Reservations are available for the group campsites by calling the Park information line and pressing option #3.

Make a Reservation for Valley of Fire Arch Rock

  • BBQ Grills
  • Campsite Tables
  • Cell Service - None
  • Drinking Water
  • Dump Station
  • Fire Pit
  • Fire Rings
  • Grills
  • Group Camping
  • Group Pavilion
  • Pets OK
  • Picnic Tables
  • Restrooms (Vault Toilets)
  • Shade Structure
  • Visitor Center
  • WiFi
  • Archeological Sites
  • Biking
  • Bird Watching
  • Climbing
  • Cultural Sites
  • Hiking
  • Historic Sites
  • Mountain Biking
  • Nature Trails
  • Photography
  • Picnicking
  • Stargazing
  • Visitor Center
  • Walking Trails
  • Wildlife Viewing
29450 Valley of Fire Road
Overton, Nevada 89040
702 397-2088
Lat / Long:

36.41759, -114.55667

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Campsite Types
  • ADA
  • Group
  • RV
  • Tent
  • Trailer
# of Campsites:


Campsite Vehicle Size:

15 to 30 feet.


Year Round



Valley of Fire Arch Rock Photos

Valley of Fire Arch Rock 001
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 002
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 003
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 004
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 005
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 006
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 007
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 008
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 009
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 010
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 011
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 012
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 013
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 014
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 015
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 016
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 017
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 018
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 019
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 020
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 021
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 022
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 023
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 024
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 025
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 026
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 027
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 028
Valley of Fire Arch Rock 029
Valley of Fire Arch Rock View
Valley of Fire View 2
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Valley of Fire Arch Rock Comments & Reviews

Visited Valley of Fire Arch Rock Campground lately? We'd love to hear about your adventure. Did you find us useful? Did we forget something? Anything our community should know before heading out to Valley of Fire Arch Rock?

65 Comments on “Valley of Fire Arch Rock”

  1. Maria Mejia says:

    After visiting Las Vegas we camped here for a couple of nights. Who would’ve thought that this gem of a state park was less than an hour outside of sin city! Easy hiking and walking and big pay off. So many petroglyphs and fascinating rock formations. Incredible sunsets, vast starry sky and beautiful early mornings. The facilities at Atlatl are great and the Arch rock CG spot 22 is fantastic. Go!

  2. Elaine Scott says:

    We are planning on arriving in Valley of Fire on Thursday 17th October for 2 nights. Is Arch Rock Campground still open then and, if so, when would be a good time to arrive to ensure we get a site? Thanks

    • Hi Elaine,
      Arch Rock and Atlatl campgrounds are open year round. October weekends will be popular, but arriving Thursday (Oct 17) should get you a spot. I’d plan on arriving by 11am to be safe. Have fun!

  3. Zaynea Shamma Niazi says:

    Wondering if I can reserve a space at Arch Rock online? and what is the www site? Would like to reserve for Oct 11 & 12, 2019 for a 25 ft Travel Trailer (2 guests)

    • Hi Zaynea,
      Both campgrounds (Arch Rock and Atlatl Rock) at Valley of Fire are first-come, first-serve. There are no reservations (online or offline) available.

  4. Hey,

    My friend and I are planning to drop by for a night on November 23rd. What time should we arrive by to ensure we can get a camp site? Also, what is the temperature usually like during this time of the year (Late November), during day, and night time?


    • Hi Gregory,
      Valley of Fire State Park campgrounds (Arch Rock and Atlatl Rock) are very popular/busy in November and especially on the weekends. Both campgrounds will most likely be sold out during the Thanksgiving holiday period (Nov 22 through Dec 1). I’d say your chances are very slim to snag a spot with a Saturday (Nov 23) arrival. You would have a little better chance with a Thursday (Nov 21) arrival (mid morning) if that works for you plans, and maybe you’d get lucky with a Monday (Nov 25) arrival.

      As for the weather in late November – you can expect day time high around 70 and lows in the mid 40s during the night.

  5. A. Diercks says:

    What site numbers have electric hook-ups in Arch Campground?

    Also, it was posted that sites 23-44 at Atlatl Campground have hook-ups; can you confirm these are the correct sites with hook-ups at Atlatl Campground?

  6. We are planning to arrive at Arch Rock on sunday, 5th of july. Is there any chance to get a campsite on this day ore is it normally sold out?
    What about monday 6th of july? Thanks für information!

    • HI Sandra,

      Yes, a July 5 or July 6 arrival at Arch Rock Campground (Valley of Fire State Park) should be okay to get a campsite. It’s the holiday weekend of course, but most will be leaving Sunday/July 5.

  7. Can any of the campsites (23-44) with electric and water handle a 45 foot rv?

  8. How busy is the area around the end of March? We are planning a one night stay.

    • Hi Alex,
      Valley of Fire campgrounds – Arch Rock and Atlatl Rock will be busy the end of March. Usually nice weather and spring break will fill up the campgrounds quickly. Hopefully you can shoot for a mid-week stay to improve your chances.

  9. We’re hoping to visit and stay for 2 nights – May 10 & 11. Is this usually a busy time? What are the costs per night for a converted Van?

    • Hi Sass,
      Early May will be popular/busy at Valley of Fire campgrounds (both Arch Rock and Atlatl Rock). However, you should find some available campsites with a Sunday (May 10) arrival.

  10. Xiaoliu Xu says:

    I will arrive at the midnight of March 11in 2020, would the campsite be available at that time? Since it’s is first come first served, I don’t know where to check the availability…

    • Hi Xiaoliu,
      There should be sites available since you’re arriving Wednesday, March 11 (midnight). Arch Rock campground has 24 hour access. You can call the park during the day (8am – 5pm) to double check to make sure they have sites though: 702 397-2088.

  11. Brittani Hardeman says:


    We plan on arriving March 14th. What is the nest time to arrive? Also, what are the rates per night?

    • Hi Brittani,
      Chances are there will not be any campsite available if you arrive on a Saturday during March at Arch Rock or Atlatl Rock campgrounds. That’s peak season (through early May) and campsites will fill up by Friday morning, and many sometimes by Thursday morning (through the weekend). If you can, I recommend arriving early Friday morning (before 9am), but even then – your chances maybe 50/50 at best. It costs $10 to enter Valley of Fire State Park. Campsites are $20 per night + $10 per night if you get a site with hookups.

    • Russell L Thompson says:

      Coming up Friday morning 3 /6/20 how’s it look for a spot or should I try going up Thursday night late

      • Hi Russell,

        I’d say your chances are good with an early morning arrival on Friday, but even better if you got there Thursday night. Have fun!

  12. We plan to arrive sometime during the week of April 5, 2020. What day of arrival would give us the best chance of getting a site?
    Our trailer is 25 feet. Will it fit in any site?
    We qualify for a handicapped site. Are these set aside for only those that have handicap placards or license plates?

    • Hi Lynn,
      Your trailer will fit in most if not all Arch Rock campsites. There may be 1-2 campsites that are a little tight. Handicap designated campsites are for only those that have handicap placards or license plates. The week of April 5 will be during peak season at Valley of Fire campgrounds. Expect the campground to fill up quickly, particularly around the weekends. I’d say your best chances are arriving Tue-Thu. Best of luck and have a great time!

  13. We are planning for trip to valley of fire and need camp ground. when should we reach in morning in order to get the camp ground?

    • Hi Raghu,
      If you’re going this week or weekend, you’ll have no problem getting a campsite at Valley of Fire State Park (Arch Rock or Atlatl Rock campgrounds). Temperatures are forecast to be at our above 110 degrees. Generally, you’ll be able to get a campsite out there through at least mid-September. The campgrounds get busy in the fall, winter and spring months – especially on weekends and holidays.

  14. we plan to do camping on Saturday December 12, 2020 night and sunday night December 13, 2020. we won’t be able to get there till after sunset saturday. will there be a problem getting the campground?

  15. Kathy Pazoureck says:

    We plan on arriving at Valley of Fire Oct 19th and leaving Oct 24th. We have a 31′ class A. Do you anticipate arriving on a Monday that we will have any trouble getting a spot and will our class A fit in campsites 23-44 in Arch Rock?

    • There should be campsites available for your 31′ class A with a Monday / October 24 arrival at Arch Rock campground. Have a great time!

      • Is there a phone number that someone can call before showing up? The 2088 number just directs back to web site.

      • Hi John,

        That is the only phone number we have for Valley of Fire State Park (Arch Rock / Atlatl Rock campgrounds). I did a little more research and could not find another phone number for the park.

  16. Do we need to stop at the visitors center first before choosing a campsite, or can we go straight to the campsite and choose any open numbered site? Thank you.

    • Hi Ryan,

      You’ll first pay to enter Valley of Fire State Park at the park entrance – where you can let the ranger know you’re looking for a campsite. They will direct you from there . . . no need to go to the Visitor Center (unless they’ve changed procedures, but the ranger and the entrance will let you know).

  17. Evie Luna says:

    We are planning to arrive on Nov. 16 or 17. We’ll have a long drive so we might not get there before 3pm. Will we still be able to get a campsite, just for a tent?

    • Hi Evie,
      Yes – chances are very good there will be a number of campsites available for Arch Rock campground with an arrival on either Nov 16 or 17. Have a great time!

  18. Aaron Milligan says:

    If there are no reservations required, then I assume there is no checkout/in time? Would you recommend the 1st or 2nd week of December for an early Friday arrival? Can you move to a 2nd spot the 2nd night?

    • Hi Aaron,
      Correct – you can arrival anytime to claim an open campsite at Arch Rock or Atlatl Rock campgrounds. Both campgrounds typically fill up from late November through April, especially on weekends. Check out time is 11am so if all sites are taken, you may need to wait until then to occupy a site that is being vacated. I would recommend an early Friday morning arrival to try and get a campsite for the weekend (first or second week of December). If full, you could walk the campground and see if anyone is leaving – then stake it out.

  19. Hello Ranger! My husband and I are thinking about showing up after Thanksgiving either Friday or Saturday for an overnighter (with small travel trailer). We expect this to be a busy weekend – do you think there will be any available spots? Also, do the RV spots have hook-ups (power, water)? Thank you!

    • Hi Dana,
      Both Arch Rock and Atlatl Rock campgrounds will be completely full through the weekend of Thanksgiving. There is a very very small chance you may get lucky and someone doesn’t show up, but I wouldn’t count on it. Also, Arch Rock does not have any hookups. Atlatl Rock campsites 23 to 44 have electric/water hookups.

  20. Hello,

    I have December 19 thru the 27 off. I will be coming from San Diego. I want to stay at either campground until Dec 24 but can head there on the best day to get a spot. If I arrive Sunday, Dec 20 do I have any chance? Should I arrive Monday, Dec 21 instead? Is this a hopeless cause? I really wish the sites accepted reservations. A 6 hour drive with full camp gear to strike out and drive home is awful.

    • Hi Chris,
      I think your chances are very good to get a site arriving either Sunday (Dec 20) or Monday. With that said – I’d recommend you call the park before you drive up and see if you can get a live person to double check on availability. The Valley Of Fire State Park number is: 702 397-2088. Best of luck!

  21. I am planning a roadtrip at the end of July/beginning of August and would love to camp with my RV at a campground. Is it realistic to plan such trip given the first come first serve rule. At what time should I arrive to be sure to have a spot? Is it better to plan it during a weekday? Many thanks for your help.

    • Hi Antoine,
      Your chances are very good to get a campsite at Arch Rock in late July / early August. Keep in mind, there are no RV hookups at Arch Rock campground. There are 22 campsites at Atlatl Rock campground (sites 23-44), and your chances are good to get one of those – especially if you arrive midweek. Temperatures that time of year will be over 100 degrees and may reach 110.

  22. Phillip Lee says:

    Once I claimed the site and paid for it, but I have to leave the site to explore the park, how do I keep the site from claiming by someone else? Also, If I want to stay for three nights, do I have to “claim” it everyday? Or can I just pay for three days in advance? Thanks.

    • Hi Phillip,
      Good questions! So once you’ve paid for/claimed a campsite, the camp host or ranger will give you a tag to hang on your campsite post indicating how long the campsite is reserved (through your departure date). Nobody else can take the campsite while you’re away from camp exploring Valley of Fire State Park. The campsite is held for the amount of days/nights you paid for it. If you only paid for it for one night, then someone can claim in on your departure date (after 11 am – the check out time).

  23. Fawn Nielsen says:

    Is there anywhere in the park that we can ride to OHV trails in SXS’s? If not where is a good place to off road near here and camp?

    • Hi Fawn,
      The Valley of Fire OHV Loop is a 23.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Overton, Nevada. The Logandale Trail System is another option – both inside and outside of the Park.

  24. Gary Mineart says:

    I understand the Arch Rock Campground has 24-hour access. If I arrive prior to the park opening at 8 am, how would I enter the campground area? Could I choose an open site and register later when the park opens?

    • Hi Gary,
      You can access Arch Rock campground 24/7. If you arrive prior to park opening, you can claim an open campsite and pay later. You’ll also need to go pay your park entrance fee as well.

  25. Hey Guys. We’re planning on two nights at Arch Rock arriving Tuesday, June 1st (the day after Memorial Day). Think we have a shot at a site? What kind of temps can we expect? Thanks!

    • Hi Max,
      You should have more than a few campsites open with a June 1 arrival at Arch Rock campground. Atlatl Rock should also have availability if you’re looking for hookups. Temps will be mid 70s at night and close to 100 during the day. Have a great time!

  26. Hello,
    I’m looking to go camping at either arch or atlatl campground on 2/26-2/28 arriving early morning on 2/26. Would we have a chance at getting a camp spot ? Has the weekends still been pretty crowded during these times?

    • Hi Bianca,
      It’ll be busy that weekend, but you should get a campsite at Arch Rock campground with an early morning arrival on 2/26. Weather looks like it’ll be nice (mid 60s during day and high 40 during night).

  27. Hello, We’re planning a trip to Valley of Fire and are looking to camp at either Atlatl or Arch Campground on 3/25-3/26. We plan to arrive in the am on the 25th. Should we have any problem getting a spot?

    • Hi Kimberly,
      It’ll be competitive. This time of year is very popular at Valley of Fire State Park and many people arrive on Thursday to stay through the weekend. Also some are on spring break the following week so there may be more than usual trying to get a campsite. I recommend arriving as early as possible on March 25th. Best of luck!

  28. Chris Parnell says:

    Hello –
    Is the park entrance fee good for more than one day?

    • Hi Chris,
      That’s a good question. I’m not sure if Valley of Fire State Park day use fee is just for one day or multiple days. I know it is good for multiple days if you’re camping. You may try calling the park to confirm: 702 397-2088

  29. Claire C says:

    Hi there,

    Will be coming to Arch Rock next Tuesday. I know it is first come first served, but can you advise which sites at Arch Rock have the best views, and/or privacy? Thank you!

  30. Question; can you use generators at arch rock campground?

    • Hi Jo,
      That’s a good question. I know generators are not allowed at Atlatl Rock Campground, but not sure about Arch Rock. I tried to call to confirm, but office was closed on weekends. You can try calling Mon-Fri to check: 702 397-2088. I’ll do the same.

  31. Katherine Bradley says:

    Hello! Firstly, excellent site! Second, I’m planning on arriving on December 28 to camp through New Years. How likely do you think my chances are of getting a spot if I arrive at 10:30am? Thank you!

    • Thank you Katherine!
      There should be several campsites still available with a Wednesday, Dec 28 arrival at Arch Rock Campground. Atlatl Rock Campground may be sold out, but Arch Rock will have some sites. I’d try calling the park the day before just to double check: 702-397-2088.

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