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Colonial Creek Campground North Cascades National Park Washington

Colonial Creek Overview

Colonial Creek 030

Colonial Creek Campground  is located in and old growth forest along the shores of Diablo Lake in North Cascade National Park. The campground has a North loop (sites 1-63) and a South loop (sites 64-164). North loop sites (1-41) and South loop sites are reservable late May to mid-September. South loop campsites 128-135 and 138-141 are walk-to (tent only) campsites. These campsites are also available in the winter on a first-come, first-serve basis. North loop campsites 10-14 are walk-to (about 1,000 feet from the parking area).

Campsites can accommodate tents, trailers and RVs.  Many are ‘walk-to’ campsites. Campground amenities include drinking water, flush toilets and a dump station. There’s also an amphitheater, boat ramp and food storage lockers. Firewood is also available for sale from the camp host.

Colonial Creek – Area Recreation

Outdoor recreation activities include hiking, boating, canoeing, kayaking  fishing, picnicking, mountain biking and hiking. There’s also nice wildlife viewing and photo opportunities. You’ll see a variety of bird species, deer and also an occasional bear.

You may also be interested in Gorge LakeNewhalem Creek and Goodell Creek campgrounds.

Make a Reservation for Colonial Creek

  • Amphitheater
  • BBQ Grills
  • Boat Launch/Ramp
  • Boat Ramp
  • Campground Host
  • Campsite Tables
  • Comfort Station
  • Drinking Water
  • Fire Pit
  • Fire Rings
  • Firewood Available
  • Golden Age & Access Passports accepted
  • Grills
  • Pets OK
  • Picnic Tables
  • Restrooms (Flush Toilets)
  • RV Hookups
  • Biking
  • Bird Watching
  • Boating
  • Boating (non motorized)
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Historic Sites
  • Hunting
  • Kayaking
  • Lake
  • Mountain Biking
  • Nature Trails
  • Photography
  • Picnicking
  • Swimming
  • Walking Trails
  • Wildlife Viewing
State Route 20
Rockport, Washington 98283
Lat / Long:

48.68728, -121.1019

Campground Map
Make a Reservation

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Best Campsites

8, 9, 15, 21, 28, 76, 78, 79, 80, 82, 122, 150.

Campsite Types
  • ADA
  • RV
  • Tent
  • Trailer

Year Round



# of Campsites:


Colonial Creek Photos & Video

Colonial Creek 007
Colonial Creek 008
Colonial Creek 009
Colonial Creek 014
Colonial Creek 015
Colonial Creek 016
Colonial Creek 017
Colonial Creek 018
Colonial Creek 019
Colonial Creek 020
Colonial Creek 021
Colonial Creek 022
Colonial Creek 023
Colonial Creek 024
Colonial Creek 026
Colonial Creek 027
Colonial Creek 028
Colonial Creek 029
Colonial Creek 030
Colonial Creek 031
Colonial Creek 032
Colonial Creek 033
Colonial Creek 035
Colonial Creek 036
Colonial Creek 037
Colonial Creek 038
Colonial Creek 039
Colonial Creek 040
Colonial Creek 041
Colonial Creek 042
Colonial Creek 043
Colonial Creek 044
Colonial Creek 064
Colonial Creek 065
Colonial Creek 066
Colonial Creek 067
Colonial Creek 068
Colonial Creek 069
Colonial Creek 070
Colonial Creek 071 ADA
Colonial Creek 072
Colonial Creek 073
Colonial Creek 074
Colonial Creek 075
Colonial Creek 076
Colonial Creek 077
Colonial Creek 078
Colonial Creek 079
Colonial Creek 080
Colonial Creek 082
Colonial Creek 083
Colonial Creek 084
Colonial Creek 085
Colonial Creek 086
Colonial Creek 087
Colonial Creek 088
Colonial Creek 089
Colonial Creek 090
Colonial Creek 091
Colonial Creek 092
Colonial Creek 093
Colonial Creek 094
Colonial Creek 095
Colonial Creek 096
Colonial Creek 097
Colonial Creek 103
Colonial Creek 104
Colonial Creek 106
Colonial Creek 108
Colonial Creek 111
Colonial Creek 112
Colonial Creek 113
Colonial Creek 114
Colonial Creek 115
Colonial Creek 116
Colonial Creek 117
Colonial Creek 118
Colonial Creek 119
Colonial Creek 120
Colonial Creek 121
Colonial Creek 122
Colonial Creek 123
Colonial Creek 124
Colonial Creek 125
Colonial Creek 126
Colonial Creek 127
Colonial Creek 130
Colonial Creek 131
Colonial Creek 132
Colonial Creek 133
Colonial Creek 134
Colonial Creek 135
Colonial Creek 136
Colonial Creek 137
Colonial Creek 142
Colonial Creek 143
Colonial Creek 144
Colonial Creek 146
Colonial Creek 147
Colonial Creek 148
Colonial Creek 149
Colonial Creek 150
Colonial Creek 151
Colonial Creek 152
Colonial Creek 153
Colonial Creek 154
Colonial Creek 155
Colonial Creek 156
Colonial Creek 157
Colonial Creek 158
Colonial Creek 159
Colonial Creek 160
Colonial Creek 161
Colonial Creek 162
Colonial Creek 163
Colonial Creek 164
Colonial Creek Bathroom
Colonial Creek Boat Ramp
Colonial Creek Bridge View
Colonial Creek Lake View
Colonial Creek Sign

Colonial Creek Comments & Reviews

Visited Colonial Creek Campground lately? We'd love to hear about your adventure. Did you find us useful? Did we forget something? Anything our community should know before heading out to Colonial Creek?

121 Comments on “Colonial Creek”

  1. Lorrie Johnson says:

    How many tents and cars are allowed in a family site?

    • Hi Lorrie,
      The campsites at Colonial Creek campground can accommodate two vehicles and up to 8 people per site. Generally campsites can accommodate 1-2 tents, but you can have more if there is room.

  2. How wide of a tent can these sites accommodate?

    • Hi Kaela,
      That depends on the campsites, but most campsites at Colonial Creek campground have a pretty good sized area for tents.Most can accommodate 10×15.

  3. Kirsten Diemer says:

    Is there a group site that can be reserved? Our scout troop is interested in camping here. Thank you!

  4. Bao Huynh says:

    Can I use my Discovery Park here or it has to be a National Park Pass?

    • Hi Bao,
      The Discovery Pass is state pass (for state parks, etc.). You’ll need to pay the entrance fee or use a National Park Pass at North Cascades National Park / Colonial Creek.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I have site 138 reserved, which is a hike in/hike to site. What does hike in/hike to mean? Is there space to park a car nearby?

    • Hi Jennifer, There is a parking area for your car. Colonial Creek campsite #138 is about a 300-450 foot hike from the parking area. You’ll need to hike all your gear in and out (from/to your vehicle).

  6. Have the first come first serve campgrounds been snagged up pretty quickly throughout the week?

    • Hi Ann,

      Colonial Creek first come first serve campsites are popular. You should have a good chance of getting one with a mid week (Sun-Thu) arrival, but recommend you get to the campground early (by 8am) to try.

  7. MicheleM says:

    We have a reservation for site 130. It says that it’s a walk-in site but looking at the map, it doesn’t appear to be so… Can you tell me what to expect? Bringing my boys and their friends so trying to prepare properly!

    • Hi Michele,
      Colonial Creek campsite #130 does have a parking area for 2 vehicles. The table/tent area is walk-to (about 10 feet from the parking area). This is a tent-only camping site and you can have up to 8 people. Have fun!

  8. I have site 142 reserved. Is this a walk in site? If so, hard far is the parking from the site?

    • Hi Alison,
      Colonial Creek campsite #142 is not a walk-in site. It has a parking spur that is 24 feet in length and can accommodate two vehicles. You can park a car, trailer or RV in the site. Tent camping is also permitted. And you can have up to 8 people.

  9. How does first come first served work? Do you just look for an empty site and setup camp? What are the fees for a FF site? Would coming at check out time be a good time to be there?

    • Hi Alison,
      The Colonial Creek first-come, first-serve campsites are very popular.

      The north loop campsites (1-63) are first-come, first-serve and fill up quickly.  Check in is 2pm, but it’s recommended you get in line early in the morning to try and get a site.

  10. TIFFANY FRIDAY says:

    How big is the ADA site #071? Hoping to still have some privacy and can’t tell from the Rec gov website. We’d like to fit 2 large tents for 7 of us.

    • Hi Tiffany,
      Colonial Creek campsite #71 (ADA) is a walk-to (40 feet from parking area) tent-only campsite. It can accommodate 2 vehicles and 8 people. Also, the tent pad area can accommodate two semi-large tents (10×10 – give or take) each.

  11. Are there 63 first-come, first-serve sites in the north campgrounds? We need 2 sites and are planning to be there at the site by 11.30 am on a Friday (for the 2 pm check in). Should we even try? haha!

    • Hi Amar,
      Correct – campsites 1-63 (north loop) are first-come, first-serve at Colonial Creek campground. Expect those to be gone by early Friday morning though. I recommend getting in line around 7am Friday (or arriving mid-day Thursday) for a better chance. Best of luck!

      • Thank you for the reply. A couple of follow-ups:
        1) if a few family members (3 people) get there by 7 in the line (in one car), can they get 2 sites?
        2) is there any registration they need to do on site? Or just just grab any ones that are open?
        3) one site can fit 2 tents? or more?

        Thanks for the help.

      • And one more question. sorry.
        Even if we get the site, I read that the check in is 2 pm. Does that mean that we can’t really put the stuff on the site and use it until after 2 pm?

      • Yes, you don’t need to have a vehicle to reserve a first-come, first-serve campsite. However, I recommend you don’t have everyone in the same vehicle when initially trying to get a campsite. Probably should walk up separately to check-in office/kiosk. Bring your ID and vehicle license plate for each site you’re trying to get. And most sites can fit 2 tents.

      • Check out is noon and check-in is 2pm. You can reserve a spot prior to check out, but usually you won’t be able to occupy until 2pm. Sometimes the ranger/camp host will give you the okay to occupy earlier – especially if someone as cleared out early morning.

  12. For the FF campsites, can you stay multiple days?

  13. Alexa Canelli says:

    We are wanting to come for Labor Day weekend. If we arrive Thursday evening, do you think we will get a spot?

    • Probably not (unfortunately). The Colonial Creek first-come, first-serve campsites are extremely popular – especially on a weekend and/or holiday weekend. People will definitely try and get those sites on Thursday morning, or even Wednesday before Labor Day.

  14. I have a 30′ trailer. would that fit in your sites. and how would i go about trying to get one

    • Hi JFJ,

      Yes – there are campsites at Colonial Creek campground that can accommodate a 30 foot trailer. You can click on the ‘Make A Reservation’ button to check availability, pricing, size and make a reservation. You can also try the first-come, first-serve campsites, but those are very popular and are usually taken by Thursday afternoon (through the weekend) of each summer. Another option is to try our Campsite Assist feature. It will send you an alert (text and email) if a campsite becomes available on the dates you want to camp. There is a one time fee for Campsite Assist and it will monitor availability for 3, 4 or 6 months (depending on the plan you purchase).

  15. Casimir says:

    I have a site reserved but will be arriving late (around 6). Will they give up my spot if I miss the 2 pm check in?

    • Hi Casimir,
      The camp host/park ranger at Colonial Creek will not give up your campsite if you don’t arrive by 2pm. You have until the next morning to check in, but I would try to arrive on the day you’re suppose to check in.

  16. Hello, I have spot 147 reserved, if our group has three cars, where can the third car park?

    • Hi Sara,

      We have not been able to find out whether there is overflow parking at Colonial Creek campground. You may try calling the campground phone number at: 360-854-7200

  17. Hi, we have reserved site 134 which is a hike in spot. How close can you park the car?

  18. Wondering how far the *walk-in* is for site 70. thx

  19. We are camping at Colonial Creek and arriving tonight. Have reservations. Are we allowed to have fires at the site in the fire pits?

  20. Hi,

    We’re thinking about trying to get there Friday morning around 6:30am to get in line. A couple of questions:
    1. What are our chances of getting a site for 2 nights (Friday’s and Saturday’s nights)?
    2. Where is the line? Is there a ranger station or host site at the North campground?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Ben,
      I’d say your chances are fair-good for getting a first-come, first-serve campsite with a 6:30am arrival. I’d recommend first driving through the north loop to see if any first-come first-serve sites have been vacated. If so, you can occupy and pay at the kiosk station (and entrance to north loop). If all sites are filled when you arrive, you’ll probably need to get in line at the kiosk. Overflow parking is available nearby if you can’t wait in line with your vehicle.

  21. Hello, a couple questions.
    1. We’re planning to arrive at the north loop around 7am on Friday, is that early enough to get a spot? And if so what are some good spot numbers we should look out for?
    2. I read that each site has a table and a campfire ring. Does the campfire ring have something to grill food on?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Koontzy,
      Colonial Creek campground is popular over the weekends, but a 7am arrival should snag you one of the first-come, first-serve campsites. Campsites 1-43 are first-come, first-serve. I’d look at the photos of those and pick a few out to target, but you’ll probably just have to pick what comes available. There’s also a fire ring and grate (for cooking) at each site. Best of luck!

  22. How early do I need to be there to get a site in the North Loop next Wednesday? I know it’s a guess, but I’m just hoping for some guidance. Thank you!

    • Hi Bryan,

      You’re right – it’s a guess, but I wouldn’t push it much past 10am. Wednesday arrival is good and camping is easing a bit, but still there are a lot getting out there.

  23. Do you have sites that will accommodate a 32′ travel trailer? If so, are there multiple sites or only a select few? Can you provide possible site #’s so that I could look at them?
    Since it’s FF, if we don’t get a site, do you have a suggestion on where we should drive next to find a campground since we will be quite a ways from home?

    • Hi Troy,
      There are some Colonial Creek campsites that can accommodate a 32′ travel trailer. You can click on the ‘Make A Reservation’ button to go to the Recreation.gov page. From there you can click on the individual campsites and see site details (which provides size limits per campsite). Also, two other campgrounds in there are you may be interested in include: Newhalem Creek (116 campsites) and Goodell Creek (21 campsites). Both have reservable campsites that can accommodate your trailer.

  24. I have a site 65. How close is it to other site? I have exactly 8 folks in our group with 3 tents. Is this site can accommodate 3 tents?

    • Hi Phuong,
      Campsite 65 tent pad area can accommodate 2 small to medium sized tents. You might be able to squeeze 3 small tents in there. You can have up to 8 people in the site.
      Also, the campsite is about 20 feet from one site and about 40 feet from another in the area.

  25. Hi, how early do you recommend we arrive on a Saturday to snag a first-come first-serve camp site?


    • Probably all sites will be gone by Saturday. You’d have a better chance of getting a site with a Friday arrival (no later than 2pm). Labor Day weekend will probably fill up on the Thursday afternoon.

  26. Natalie Hoober says:


    How much are the first come first serve sites at Colonial Creek?

    Also do you think it’s better to show up Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning this week?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Natalie,
      Not positive, but the Colonial Creek first-come first-serve campsites should be the same as the reservable sites – $16 per night. And arriving the earlier the better is a good idea to get a campsite through Labor Day weekend. Thursday morning (8am to get in line – check in is 2pm), but Wednesday night would be better. Hope you get a campsite you like!

  27. Lisa Williams says:

    Hello, We are coming up this Wednesday night and hoping to snag a spot in the North Campground. How far is the walk to sites 10-13? Thanks so much in advance!

  28. Is site 82 a FF site? What are the chances of getting a site if I arrive at 7am on Thursday?

    • Hi Brye,
      Colonial Creek campsite #82 is a reservable campsite. The first-come, first-serve sites are 1-63. I’d say your chances are very good to get a (FCFS) campsite with a 7am (Thursday) arrival.

  29. Arren Wells says:

    I have a small group coming for next Thursday the 17th, plan is to get in around 5-6pm. How likely is it to find a FF site? Or one with a lakefront view? thanks!

    • Hi Arren,
      I say chances are pretty good you’ll get a Colonial Creek campsite with a Thursday evening arrival. The lakefront sites will probably be taken by noon though.

  30. I’m looking to reserve 2 camp sites in July next year, when is the earliest time I can reserve? And can I reserve 2 sites For myself? Are there parking fees, or permit fees, passes or whatever fees I need to know? If there are additional cars, are there parking available?

    What are the best sites for family with young kids, regards to easy access to water or swimming area, etc.

    And how I can optimize my chance of getting good sites? Like the lake front ones

    Thank you

    • Hi Thuy,
      Colonial Creek campsite reservations are on a 6-month rolling schedule. In other words the first day you can try to make a reservation is 6 months prior to the day you arrive. For example, if you wanted to begin your stat on July 10th, then the first day you can try and make a reservation is on January 10th at 7am PST (10am Eastern Time). Since it is a very popular campground (during the summer), I recommend you login to your Recreation.gov account about 20 minutes before 7am PST, then have your campsite chosen and dates entered. At exactly 7:00am PST click on the ‘Check Availability’ button to try and reserve your site. If it is taken, you can quickly check for any availability in the campground and try and get a site. You’ll need to be logged in with two different accounts to try and get two campsites.
      Hope this helps!

  31. Will I have favorable chances of getting a first come first serve campsite this weekend (Saturday) in late September?

    • Hi Mariah,
      A Saturday arrival may be iffy, since it is a very popular campground and people will be looking to get a few more camping trips in before the weather changes.

  32. how big are the tent pads? is it the same on all the sites? i’m looking at site #79, it looks like it’s big enough for 3 medium or large tents?

  33. Does Site 78 have direct access to / view of water, or do you have to walk through 79 / 80 to get to it? It’s hard to tell from the photos.

    • Hi John,
      Yes – Colonial Creek campsite #78 does have direct access to the water and you do not have to walk through sites 79 and 80. The area in between site #78 and the shoreline is heavily wooded though.

  34. Chris C. says:


    I am looking to book two campsites and want them to be close to each other. Do you know if it’s better to book 78&79 or 79&80 if we want to stay closer together?

    Also, which one of these have water access?


    • Hi Chris,
      Sites 79/80 are a bit closer together than 78/79. All three campsites (78, 79 and 80) have direct access to the water, but the area between the sites and waterfront is heavily forested.

  35. I reserved sites 68 and 69, both campsites look a bit small from the pictures. Can each hold 2 medium tents? Like 10×14 or smaller ? And does it have lake view?

    • Hi Tom,
      The tent pads at both sites are about 15×15. Most of the time (depends on camp ranger) it’s okay to pitch a tent outside the pad. You can also see the water through the trees from both sites.

  36. DOUGLAS HALE says:

    We have a 24 ft. motorhome. can you suggest a few sites that would be appropriate to reserve. Due to our refrigerator it will need to be fairly close to level. Thank you!

  37. Ashley M. says:

    We have site 75 and 122 booked for one weekend and need to cancel one. We like the idea of the proximity to the water for 75 but you listed 122 as one of the best camping spots. Why does 122 make the cut on beat campsite? I was just curious to your criteria for the list of best campsites.

    • HI Ashley,
      Great question. Generally our photographer(s) will choose our favorite/best campsites based on location, size, if they have a view, closer to water, privacy and if site is fairly level. Waterfront or sites near the water are almost always are on our favorite list. The photographer liked Colonial Creek campsite #122 because it was fairly large, level, private and had some really cool (large) trees in the site. Hope this helps!

      • Would a 21-feet campervan fit to park within the area of any of the best camping spots that you listed here? Thank you for your advice in advance.

      • HI Helena,

        Campsites 122 and 150 would fit your 21 foot camper van. You can click on the ‘make a reservation’ button to check availability, size of campsites, pricing and make reservations.

  38. Nicole Hensley says:

    I have a campervan. Do I have to reserve an RV site or can I reserve a tent site?

  39. I’ve reserved site 26 for three nights in June, but I see in these comments/replies that the North campground is FCFS. Is that during certain months only, or am I missing something? I’m concerned that I will show up thinking I have a reservation, and there will be no site for me. Can you help alleviate my anxiety? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Miranda,
      Sorry for the confusing overview write-up on Colonial Creek. We corrected it and you’re okay!
      North loop sites (1-41) and South loop sites are reservable late May to mid-September. You’re reservation for campsite #26 is good!

  40. Any info on the sites 4 & 5 for the north campground? How is the view from these walk in sites and how close to the water are they? I can’t really tell from the pics on the recreation.gov website. Thank you!

  41. Kat Walk says:

    We have reservations for Sites #4 and #8 in August. Does Site #8 have water access? It says the parking pad grade is “severe” How steep is severe? Does Site #4 have water access? It appears Site 4 tent pad is within spitting distance of Site #5 picnic table. Is that true? How much highway noise is there at these two sites from Hwy 20? Thanks for any info you can give on it.

    • Hi Kat,
      Unfortunately we don’t have anyone from CampsitePhotos.com on site at Colonial Creek so I can’t provide you with any answers. Perhaps someone can leave a comment and get you some info.

    • Hi Kat! Were you able to find any other info on site #4? I also have site #4 (& #5) booked in August and I cannot find any info stating whether they have waterfront access or not. If you find anything out please let me know, and I will do the same. kayladavid84@gmail.com

      • Mackenzie says:

        Hi Kat and Kayla! I too have north campground site 4 booked in September – hoping to fit 3 tents. Could you by any chance update me after you visit with info on tent areas, water access, closeness to other sites, etc? Kayla, I’ll shoot you an email asking. Thanks in advance!

  42. Melissa Berringer says:

    Hello! I have reserved campsite 102 because it was on the water, and just now realized it is a “walk-in” site. Do you know how far it is from the parking spot, and if the parking spot would accommodate a 24 ft RV? We still will tent camp at Colonial Creek, but were debating driving to the park in the RV to continue our trip elsewhere in it. Thank you!

    • Hi Melissa,
      The walk from the parking area to campsite #102 is about 30 yards (90 feet). The campsite is really nice – right next to the water. Not sure about whether you can fit a 24 ft RV in the parking spot. The parking spots are a little larger than so I think it’ll work. You can try calling the campground to confirm: 360-854-7200

  43. Elissa Forsman says:

    I have campsite 98 reserved for next week and was wondering does it have access to the lake. It looked like it in the pictures but I wasn’t sure. Also how far is the site from the parking spot? Thank you so much for your help!

  44. Is there an on-site store to get ice and wood? Or something near by? Also does the bathroom have shower?

    • Hi Thuy,
      The closet store (food, wood, ice, supplies, etc.) is about 10 miles away in Newhalem, WA. There are no showers at Colonial Creek campground.

  45. Is there a burn ban right now? And how do I check for burn ban?

  46. Does site 83 have any type of privacy or are we sharing an area with 2 other camp groups?

    • Hi Eddie, Campsite #83 is a nice one – close to the water, but there are other campsites nearby and you don’t have much privacy. Your group will be the only one in the campsite though.

  47. We have reservations for campsite #110, but I can’t locate it on any map or photos. Any comments on site #110? does it really exist?

    • Hi Doug,
      You’re right that campsite #110 is not listed on any map (including Rec.gov), and we don’t have a photo. Perhaps it’s a late addition (?) to the campground. Since it is listed as a campsite on Recreation.gov and you have a reservation – I’d say it must exist.
      FYI – we hope to reshoot Colonial Creek campground later this fall and will be sure to get a photo of campsite #110.

  48. Britney says:

    What is the closest store for supplies/food? and where is the closest place to get service if an emergency call is needed to be made?

    • Hi Britney,
      For an emergency, the closest town/services is about 10 miles away at Newhalem (ranger station, etc.). There may be a store with food and supplies there too, but if not then the next nearest town with a store is Marble Mount (25 miles from Colonial Creek campground).

  49. Thuy Le says:

    I realize there is no shower at the campground. Where is the nearest place that we can take a shower? And also, this site listed that the camp host at colonial creek sells wood, is that right?

    • Hi Thuy,

      Not sure where the closest place would be to take a shower. Maybe someone else knows and can comment.
      Also, correct – that the camp host sells firewood at Colonial Creek campground.

  50. Mary A Cukjati says:

    We are planning an early October trip to the Park. Is the south loop of Colonial Campground open at that time?

    • Hi Mary,

      Yes, Colonial Creek South Loop will be open in October. At least 10 first-come, first-serve campsites will be available and maybe more.

  51. Amanda Christenson says:

    Hi, we are camping there next week and wondering where we can fill up our trailer with water before we come to the campground? And also if there’s anywhere nearby to get a shower?

    • Hi Amanda,
      Not sure where the closest place would be to take a shower. Maybe someone else knows and can comment.
      Also, the closest town/services is about 10 miles away at Newhalem (ranger station, etc.). There may be a store with food and supplies there too, but if not then the next nearest town with a store is Marble Mount (25 miles from Colonial Creek campground). There also may be a place to fill up water at one of those two towns, but not sure.

  52. We are camping at site 11 and received a notice the entrance has changed and it’s now 400 meter walk to the site. We knew it was a walk-in when we booked, but now it says we have to cross a narrow bridge and carrying large items will be a challenge. I have not been able to find any information about this bridge, and only one photo of the site. Can you tell me anything about the walk to the site, particularly the bridge?

    • Hi Sarah,
      Unfortunately we don’t have any info or photos of the bridge. We are planning on reshooting the campground in the fall and will take pictures of bridge then. Maybe someone has some info for you and can comment here.

  53. Portley Colwell says:

    Is there day-use parking that I can use to launch a kayak into Diablo Lake?

    • Hi Portley,
      There is not a day-use / parking area at the campground. It does have a boat launch/parking area for campers. Not sure if there is any other location on the lake though. Perhaps someone can comment here on that.

  54. Do all of the sites have food lockers? How does this work? Never used one. We have sites 20 and 21. Should we keep food in our cars?

    • Hi Leah,
      Not all of the Colonial Creek campsites have food storage lockers. Most in the North Loop do not, unless they added recently. Campsites 20 and 21 do not have food storage lockers so keeping food in your cars is best choice. I also recommend either in trunk or out of sight (covered with tarp) so bears can not see ice coolers, etc.

  55. Made reservation at “hike in” spot 134. About how far from parking is that?

  56. I was wondering if there are any first come first serve sites available this year! I searched on recreational.gov but I couldn’t see first come first serve sites.

  57. Juli Hammond says:

    We have two cars; one of the cars is pulling a small trailer. What is the possibility of getting the last weekend of September? I saw on the calendar the sites are off season and I’m not able to reserve. Does that mean all sites are first come first serve?

    • Hi Juli,
      Correct – campsites at Colonial Creek are first-come, first-serve that time of year. It should be fairly popular toward the end of September, but you should get a campsite. I recommend arriving early Friday morning though just in case.

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