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Crater Lake


Kirk Creek 32


Rising Sun 33


Arch Rock 22


Little Crater 28


Hobson Park 28


Kodachrome Basin 14


Ohanapecosh Loop G 015


Silver Lake 43


Housatonic Meadows 11


Doheny State Beach 72


Pinyon Flats 31

Campsite Photos, Camping Pictures, and Campground Reviews

CampsitePhotos.com features photos of each campsite in public and private campgrounds throughout the USA including State Parks, National Parks, BLM, National Forest and other campgrounds. It's a great way to see what you're getting before and after you make a reservation! You'll also find additional information about each campground including campground descriptions, amenities, directions, maps, reviews and more.

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And the long and winding roadI am 469 miles long to be precise. I am bookended in the north by Shenandoah National Park and in the south by Great Smoky Mountains National Park.To paraphrase Mick Jagger:"Pleased to meet you, can you guess my name?"If you guessed the Blue Ridge Parkway you… Continue Reading »

Adios ADK... Here I come Great Smokey Mountains National Park!

Yep, I have finished my stay in ADK. I took photos of over 4300 campsites at 27 campgrounds, finishing up with the largest and most popular, Fish Creek.The last five I visited were all within 30 miles of Lake Placid, except for Cranberry Lake. Tack on another 40 miles for that… Continue Reading »

Come along for the ride as we visit more campgrounds in ADK - New York!

Daffy DuckI couldn't tell what I was seeing. Some weird kind of fish, maybe a bass.I asked my buddy Fred the Gull.He took a look and then rendered his opinion."Duck Butts.""What Butts?""Duck Butts. They're upside down eating weeds or whatever it is those birds eat."I looked again. Fred added, "We… Continue Reading »

Back to the Empire State and New York's Adirondack Park campgrounds!

Yep, I am back in The Empire State. Been here the two weeks since I wrote my last blog post. Why so long? I have taken photographs at 12 campgrounds so far totaling well over 1500 campsites. And that is not even half of the campgrounds I plan on visiting in… Continue Reading »

We visit some of the best Vermont Campgrounds!

And Park Ranger gets a treat from the ice cream man.I thought I had seen everything during my many years of camping.I was wrong...But let's get caught up first.After leaving Half Moon Pond State Park I headed north a bit to Branbury.This is a smaller park with less than 40 sites,… Continue Reading »

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