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Discover your next campsite.

Search & view photos of each campsite in over 2,000 State Parks, National Parks, U.S. Forest Service, BLM and other campgrounds throughout the USA.

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How To Find A 4-Leaf Clover

If you ever wanted to have luck beyond your wildest imagination, then you need to know how to find a 4-leaf clover! Fortunately, we’ve spoken to countless 4-leaf clover finder experts and they’ve agreed to share their secrets. Leprechauns and other people say that the chance of finding a 4-leaf clover is about one in […]

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How To Plan For A Camping Trip

The wilderness can be unforgiving, even with the proper gear. The last thing you want is to reach a remote destination and find that you forgot something essential. Better to develop a plan to make sure you’re well equipped and have a great time. If you’re new to camping, here are some tips and a […]

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Ultimate Camping Checklist

Here is our ultimate camping checklist so you can plan the best camping trip ever! Whether you’re a newbie to camping or a savvy old-timer, our list should help with making sure you have all you need. For more information, check out our article on How To Plan for A Camping Trip. Camping with Children […]

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Do You Know Where This (“Haunted”) Pit Toilet Is Located?

You could win $1,000 if you can sniff out the location of the “haunted” pit toilet featured in our YouTube video! Read on for more information and clues . . .  While filming a short video on “what’s inside a pit toilet”, our photographer stumbled upon (not in) an actual haunted pit toilet.  You can […]

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All California National Forests Closed

Update – September 15, 2021 All but five of California’s national forests — previously closed under an emergency order issued in late August — will reopen two days early, officials said Tuesday. The closure order will end at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday (September 15), two days before Friday’s original end date, according to an announcement by […]

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Washington State Parks Campsite Availability Alerts

Washington State Parks campsite availability alerts are now available with Campsite Assist. Campers can get a text & email alert when a campsite becomes available at all Washington State Park campgrounds that take reservations. Just click on the Campsite Assist tab to get started. You can also visit a specific Washington State Park campground page […]

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Search and view photos of each campsite in State Parks, National Parks, U.S. Forest Service, BLM and other campgrounds throughout the USA.

CampsitePhotos.com is the most comprehensive online resource of campsite and campground photos. We have photos of each campsite in over 2,000 public campgrounds and were constantly adding more each month! In addition to the photos, each campground page has information about the campground and a link to make a reservation.

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