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Discover your next campsite.

Search & view photos of each campsite in over 2,000 State Parks, National Parks, U.S. Forest Service, BLM and other campgrounds throughout the USA.

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The Best Way to Keep Ants Out of your Campsite and RV

Who doesn’t love aunts ants at a good-old family campout? Nobody?  After all, they do have their role in the environment – aerating the soil, allowing water and oxygen to reach plant roots. They also help with decomposition by gobbling up a variety of organic waste, insects or even dead animals. Keep Ants Out of […]

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2021 National Park FREE Days!

The 2021 National Park free days have been set. Visitors will have 6 select days to enjoy some of our nation’s best sights completely free of charge. The National Park Service will waive entry fees, some of which can range up to $35, for all visitors. January 18: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day April […]

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Southern California’s Best Campgrounds

Southern California’s best campgrounds can be found from the desert to the sea and way up in the mountains. There’s a wide variety to choose from and we’ve put to together a list of some of the best Southern California campgrounds. Best of all, CampsitePhotos.com also has high-quality photos of each campsite in all of […]

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Best Steamboat Springs Area Campgrounds

The best Steamboat Springs area campgrounds include 13 family-friendly camps next to creeks, rivers, lakes and beautiful meadows. All offer opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors and enjoy some quality time with the family! Dry Lake Dry Lake Campground has 8 campsites and is located 8 miles northeast of Steamboat Springs.  The campground is fist-come, […]

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10 Best Lake Tahoe Campgrounds

Our list of 10 best Lake Tahoe campgrounds are found around the lake with one in Nevada and ten in California. With the exception of Fallen Leaf Lake and Camp Shelly, the other 8 campgrounds are within walking distance of the lake shore. All of these campgrounds sell out quickly so get your reservations in […]

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How to Convert a Camper Van into the Ultimate Mobile Home

If you’ve ever dreamed of quitting your job and hitting the open road, the dream might be easier to achieve than you think. You might not even have to quit your job. More people than ever are converting their campervans into comfortable mobile homes so they can live a more nomadic lifestyle. Before you head […]

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Search and view photos of each campsite in State Parks, National Parks, U.S. Forest Service, BLM and other campgrounds throughout the USA.

CampsitePhotos.com is the most comprehensive online resource of campsite and campground photos. We have photos of each campsite in over 2,000 public campgrounds and were constantly adding more each month! In addition to the photos, each campground page has information about the campground and a link to make a reservation.

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