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CampsitePhotos Blog

Campground Recommendations

Best Steamboat Springs Area Campgrounds

The best Steamboat Springs area campgrounds include 13 family-friendly camps next to creeks, rivers, lakes and beautiful meadows. All offer opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors and enjoy some quality time with the family! Dry Lake Dry Lake Campground has 8 campsites and is located 8 miles northeast of Steamboat Springs.  The campground is fist-come, […]

10 Best Lake Tahoe Campgrounds

Our list of 10 best Lake Tahoe campgrounds are found around the lake with one in Nevada and ten in California. With the exception of Fallen Leaf Lake and Camp Shelly, the other 8 campgrounds are within walking distance of the lake shore. All of these campgrounds sell out quickly so get your reservations in […]

Cabin Fever Camping Dreams

With April quickly coming to a close and the Covid-19 moratorium on camping still in place, we thought you might enjoy photos of some of our favorite campsites and camping destinations.  Hopefully they will give you a little hope that you will be out there camping soon and once again become a Master of the […]

The Best Campgrounds Near Bridgeport

Our list of the best campgrounds near Bridgeport include beautiful camping locations near some of the best fishing in the Sierra Nevada. In fact, Twin Lakes holds the California State record for the largest brown trout, and it’s not a bad place to practice your photography! Bridgeport is located in a spectacular alpine valley in […]

White Sands National Park Camping & Oryx Spotting

White Sands National Park camping offers the opportunity to pitch a tent in a vast, wonderful playground of brilliant white gypsum dunes. It is also recently became America’s 62nd National Park on December 19, 2019! The campground features 10 “walk-to” (primitive) campsites set among the glistening gypsum dunes and beneath spectacular starry nights. All campsites are […]

Best Campgrounds Near Mt. Hood

Some of the best campgrounds near Mt. Hood include 13 that circle the magnificent dormant volcano in the Cascade Range about 50 miles east-southeast of Portland. Mt. Hood is a potentially active volcano and is Oregon’s highest mountain at about 11,250 feet. It’s covered by snow year round and is home to 12 glaciers and […]

Best Campgrounds Along The Lower Deschutes River

You can find some of the best Lower Deschutes River campgrounds north of Maupin. The Deschutes River State Recreation Area also has a great campground and is located up where the Deschutes enters into the Columbia River as shown below. All campgrounds are located right next to the river and usually in steep canyons. The Deschutes offers […]

Best Santa Barbara Campgrounds

Before we get into our list of best Santa Barbara campgrounds, we’d like to introduce you to the “American Riviera”.  Santa Barbara is located on a beautiful stretch of California’s central coastline and is known for its pristine beaches and upscale lifestyle. Often referred to as the American Riviera, this world-class destination doesn’t disappoint when […]