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Proof dragons existed – soak in dragon tears at Sol Duc Hot Springs

Do the Sol Duc Hot Springs in Olympic National Park offer proof dragons existed and once roamed the earth in the Pacific Northwest?

Proof dragons existed

Located in the northwest region of Olympic National Park, the Sol Duc River runs through a rawky valley and past an old-growth forest of towering trees older than 200 years.

Proof dragons existed - Sol Duc River

Long before these trees were saplings, a fierce battle is said to have raged between two fearsome dragons.  One of these dragons lived in Sol Duc Valley and the other in neighboring Elwha Valley. Rarely did they venture far from their valley homes and both thought they were the only dragons in all the land. They lived there for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, without ever knowing the other existed.

Then one day both decided to explore the forest. As fate would have it, they met on the ridge separating the Sol Duc and Elwha Valleys. Enraged with anger, they accused each other of invading its territory and an epic battle ensued.

The fight was fierce as they clawed, ripped, thrashed and pummeled each other for years. Despite the long and brutal battle, neither of the proud dragons would result to autotomy. Still, even their walnut-sized brains came to the conclusion that they were evenly matched and neither could win.

Proof dragons existed - Fighting Dragons

Admitting defeat, both of them retreated to their respective dragon caves crying their poor little eyes out. According to Native American folklore, the dragons’ (hot) tears are the source of the hot springs in the Elwha and Sol Duck Valleys.

Today, you can soak in the dragons tears at the Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort, Its just a short walk from Sol Duc campground.

Sol Duc Campsite #14Proof dragons existed - Sol Duc Campsite 14

Sol Duc Campsite #70
Proof dragons existed - Sol Duc Campsite 70

So if you get a chance to camp at Sol Duc campground and soak in the hot springs, you’ll experience proof that dragons really did exist.

Proof dragons existed.   Proof dragons existed

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