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Virginia’s Goose Point Park – one of the best we’ve visited!

We headed across the border into Virginia. Into one of the best campgrounds I have ever visited.


Goose Point is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The parkway is a dozen miles away. Within an hour or so are the cities of Roanoke and Richmond in Virginia and the cigarette cities in North Carolina.

The lake offers 4 campgrounds consisting of 3 COE spots and one state park, Fairystone.

Goose Point is the best of the bunch and site number 6 is the best one.

Guess where I stayed?

I don’t normally make reservations in the off-season because I am cheap, but this was the week after Easter, and some schools were on spring break.

About a dozen of the sites here are right on the lake and I managed to snag one for Monday through Wednesday. The price is $25 which includes water and power. Sites 35 – 44 are dry sites for $20. The kicker is that there is NO RESERVATION FEE!

So just go ahead and make a reservation, otherwise you are only guaranteed one night in an empty site.

Freddy and I took a walk early Tuesday morning.

Goose-Point-View-1 Goose-Point-View-2

We found a path that led to a fishing pier and an amphitheater. It might be easier to understand by referencing a map.


If you look straight down from the “G” in Goose you can see the path.


Fishing, hiking, and friendly wi-fi.

Goose-Point-Trail Goose-Point-Fishing-Pier Goose-Point-Amphitheater

Walking back to our site we passed the boat ramp and dock.

Goose-Point-Boat-Ramp Goose-Point-Dock

Freddy checked out a boat.


I need to get another canoe. Places like this are meant to be paddled.

Next to our campsite was the pavilion. You can barely see my trailer on the left. Below the pavilion is the beach.

Goose-Point-Pavilion Goose-Point-Beach

Turning 180 degrees gives you this view.


Oh Yeah! Freddy approved of our spot.

My-Site-2 My-Site-3

OK, back to the campground itself. There are 63 sites broken up into 3 seperate loops.

Sites 1 – 34 are in the lower loop closest to the lake. Of those, 5 – 9 are on the south shore.

Goose-Point-Park_005 Goose-Point-Park_006 Goose-Point-Park_007 Goose-Point-Park_008 Goose-Point-Park_009

On the east side of the point, sites 13, 15, 16, and 17 have lake views but are on a bank above the water.

Goose-Point-Park_013 Goose-Point-Park_015 Goose-Point-Park_016 Goose-Point-Park_017

In the non-hookup loop we liked sites 37 and 39.

Goose-Point-Park_037 Goose-Point-Park_039

In the upper loop, we prefered sites 45 and 47.

Goose-Point-Park_045 Goose-Point-Park_047

We didn’t want to leave this wonderful campground. But we had to as our site was reserved for the next week by some other lucky campers.

Go here if you have a chance. Bring a boat or canoe and some fishing poles. There is a grocery store and gas station just 6 miles away for supplies.

Regards and happy camping, Park Ranger

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