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7 Rental Accommodations Better Than Your Average Tent or Cabin

So you’re tired of all the work that setting up a tent requires and rolling it up in a bag that seems impossibly smaller than the tent itself? Maybe you’re thinking about switching up the trusty cabin you’ve been staying at for years? Or perhaps you’re getting a little stir crazy in the RV you’ve been driving in for months on end. What else is out there? A load of unique rental accommodations is out there, that’s what. Here are a few recommended by RoverPass.com you may want to consider to make you’re Instagram followers supremely jealous.

House Boat on Loon Lake in Reedsport, Oregon.

One solution to mixing it up is to actually switch up the terrain you’re sleeping on. Instead of sleeping on the hard ground, why not drift asleep to the sway of water? For instance, at Loon Lake Lodge & RV Resort, you can relax or dine on the covered houseboat deck with table and chairs, or sunbathe on the large upper deck. The best part? When you want to cool off, the upper deck features a water slide right into lake.


The 30′ houseboat also has two double bunk beds plus two bench seats that are perfect for children. It also includes a dining area, and fully furnished kitchen with under-counter refrigerator, stovetop, microwave, coffee pot and linens. The houseboat is something you need to try at least once in your leisurely life.

Tree Cottages – Maple Tree Campground in Rohrersville, Maryland

Not sure if we really need to say more than “tree cottages,” but we can explain anyway if you want to continue reading about how awesome they are. A tree cottage is essentially a leapfrog over a tree house in both amenities and quaintness. Generally, tree cottages are built on stilts, eight to ten feet off the ground with small porches and are insulated for year-round use and offer a few more creature comforts than just a box in a tree, like bedding, electricity and perhaps even running water.


Maple Tree Campground in Rohrersville, Maryland (about an hour away from Fredrick, Maryland) offers four older and four newer cottages. The older cottages have been recently remodeled and are equipped with two double and two single beds with mattresses. Some of the newer cottages have queen or king sized mattresses.

All of their cottages offer an indoor table and chairs, benches and a wood stove (for winter heating and cooking). Each site has an outdoor fire circle, grill and picnic table. They also suggest bringing a lantern and bedding.

Conestoga Wagons – The Rock Ranch in The Rock, Georgia


Feel like throwin’ it back to the “60s” And by ’60s we mean the 1760s’ The Conestoga wagon has a long history, even dating back all way to the early 1700s and playing a large part in the settlement of the west in the U.S. What is a Conestoga wagon exactly? Essentially, it’s a large wagon with broad wheels and an arched canvas top.

One campground that offers this rental accommodation is The Rock Ranch in The Rock, Georgia. While staying in a Conestoga wagon, guests can sit around a roaring campfire, roast marshmallows, and rediscover the magic of a country night sky.

Each Conestoga wagon is fitted with four sets of bunk beds for a total of 8 bunks per wagon. With eight wagons, they can accommodate a minimum of eight, and up to a maximum of sixty-four campers. If the group is larger than 64, guests can pitch their own tents for $10 per tent camper. Wagon rentals are $225 per wagon. Basically, if each wagon is full the cost breaks down to $28.13 per person.

Caboose Camping

A caboose camping trip can really be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s one of the accommodations on this list that’s a little harder to find just because you’re sleeping in an actual caboose; not something that’s easily built.


Heavenly Acres Campground in Stanardsville, VA has newly renovated camping cabooses that come with fully equipped kitchens and baths, which make these fully livable for a good weekend or even week. The cabooses run from $60 per day to $690 per week, depending on which model you choose.

Yurt Camping

Yurt is such a funny name, but such a great camping experience!


It’s the quintessential of the “glamping” movement. The yurt is basically a mix between a tent and a cabin. It generally the structure is composed of a wood framework and then the covering of the structure is a canvas material.

At Zoar Outdoor, in Charlemont, MA, their yurts offer a unique experience in a wooded setting. The furnishings are simple with a double bed and a battery-powered lantern, but the sight of the stars overhead through the clear skylight makes a stay in the yurt memorable.

Guests sit on the ample deck for dinner or a drink and enjoy the surroundings or take a hike on our many miles of trails that lead right out the door. Either way, the yurt is a perfect place to stay when you’re enjoying an adventure getaway.

Safari Tent Camping

The Safari tent camping experience is one that definitely falls under the glamping category as well. Generally, if a campground offers a safari tent they also provide many amenities along with it.


Take for example the campground Moab Under Canvas, located in Moab, Utah. Ranging from safari, deluxe, or suite, their tents come with a wide-range of options. The most luxurious experience in the suite gives you full-on glamping.

The tent itself is on a wood-platform that stretches beyond the tent’s footprint, allowing space for a deck area with furniture. The best part about the deck? It gives you spectacular views of Arches National Park that’s hard to find anywhere else. Inside, you’ll find a king-size bed, lounge area with a sofa, and a wood burning stove to keep it all toasty.

Teepee Camping


The teepee is one of the most iconic American structures and campgrounds all over the country have them available. Typically, unlike the safari tent, the teepee camping experience is more “rustic.” You’ll usually find that you need to bring your own bedding and generally there’s no sofa lounge available like the safari tent. But that’s not the point. With the teepee, you should be going with a more simplistic camping experience. Just you and a few good friends, sleeping bags, some food, and a fire, which is the coolest part of a teepee. Almost all of them, you can have a fire inside for the true teepee experience. Check out the teepee experience at the campground “At Boulders Edge Cabin and Tipi Retreat” to get a good idea of what you can find.

Regards, Park Ranger

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