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A Beginner’s Guide For First-Time Campers

Camping has been a regular activity for many. It has the appeal of leaving the stress of work behind and basking in the serenity of nature. A camping trip with your family means quality time with no distractions. Camping has seen a spike in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. As an outdoor activity which offers each party a lot of space, it makes social distancing easy.

A Beginners Guide for first-time campers

If you want to go camping but have never done so before, there are several travel apps that you can use to make your trip easier. Here is a guide to help you plan your first ever camping trip.

Make a checklist

The first thing you need to do is make a camping checklist of all the necessities. If you find that you didn’t bring something important along when you reach the campground, it can put a damper on your excitement for your first trip. A checklist will ensure that you pack everything.

Familiarize yourself with your gear

Most first-time campers tend to try out their new gear when they reach the campsite, which results in a lot of wasted time while they try to decipher how to use it. It’s recommended that you open up your gear and learn how to use it before leaving. Check if your lanterns and camp stove are working properly, and learn how to build your tent. You can also try sleeping in your sleeping bag for a night to see how comfortable it is. These things will make setting up your camp smooth.

Plan your meals

It is important to plan all your meals before you go camping so that you can buy all the ingredients and groceries accordingly. The meal planning should be done with the number of days and number of people in mind. You can make almost anything, from simple sandwiches to bigger feasts over live fire, depending on the level of your skills. Check out our post on 5 Clever Campsite Cooking Hacks for more tips.

Get the right tent

A Beginners Guide for first-time campers - Tent

Granstaff Campground (UT) – Site #7

A tent is a camping essential, and it is important that you buy the right size of tent in order to have a comfortable stay. Most tents fit in a car, so don’t skimp out on the size. It is usually recommended that you buy a tent that has the capacity to accommodate the number of campers in your party, plus two more. You don’t want to spend your first camping trip in a cramped tent. If you don’t plan on going camping regularly, renting a tent is also an option.

Along with these tips, it is also important to follow the necessary safety precautions. An added safety measure during the pandemic is packing enough face masks, hand soaps, sanitizers and disinfecting sprays and wipes. It is a good idea to wipe all the common surfaces on the campsite before using them. Once you have all the essentials checked off of your list, you are ready to go out into nature and have a relaxing camping experience.

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