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Camping Accessories – Our Top 4 Picks

Camping Accessories – Our top 4 picks that really make a difference (especially for first time campers).

Camping Accessories - Our Top 4 Picks

Photo Credit: Alice Donovan Rouse

Walk through any store or browse online (since Covid has many of us homebound these days) and you’ll find a myriad of items to consider for your next camping trip.

But what is really necessary? Which items will first time campers find value in?

This is more important than you think, especially if you’re a newbie yourself or you plan on taking others on their first excursion. Without the necessary gear, camping can go wrong. And you don’t want first impressions to ruin it for you or someone else in the long run.

So, let’s do a quick countdown about what the four best camping gear investments are these days.

The Right Clothing

Many people may simply pack a few items of clothing they usually wear when going to the park or doing a local hike. But remember, you’re going to sleep in the wild and the proper outfit can make a huge difference in your experience; especially at night or if you also plan activities such as fishing and hunting.

For one thing, look for clothing like the ones Kryptek sells that can help manage moisture better. A proper rain jacket makes all the difference if the weather turns; not only in how much you enjoy your day, but whether someone picks up a cold, forcing you to cut your trip short.

First Aid

Speaking of health issues, don’t leave the house if you didn’t pack some first aid items. Once again, this isn’t only to make camping comfortable, but to give everyone peace of mind that you can handle basic emergencies.

Get creative and add some sunscreen and a whistle to the usual kit containing bandages and antiseptic. It’s better to be prepared for anything in the wild, so you have more memories of happy outcomes than traumatic experiences.


Your whole scenario changes once the sun sets, so make sure you can manage at night. Whether you pick solar lights, a headlamp for hands free usage or a simple flashlight, make sure you can light up a scene to find an item or even a person in low light conditions.

And yes, once again this item can help prevent unnecessary medical emergencies such as an injury from falling over a tree stump.

Plan for Water – or Water Purification

Many campsites will have an abundance of water but you can never take it for granted. And if the area is far from civilization, what will you do if the infrastructure is damaged? Water is one thing you can’t do without so don’t create a scenario where you need to drive for miles to get some just to prevent dehydration. What if the car won’t start?

A day’s water supply is the absolute minimum you need to take with you and you have many options to plan for a few days’ stay:

●      Containers with water

●      Water filters

●      Purification tablets

Last Thoughts

Sure, you can rough it and take minimal items. But why not enjoy the added pleasure some of these accessories will bring to your time off the grid? For one thing: have peace of mind that you can focus on having fun.

If you have any more tips to add to our list, please leave a comment.

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