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The Best Travel Apps for a Camping Trip

Best Travel Apps For A Camping Trip - Campfire

Brimming with adventure and excitement, camping is slowly becoming a popular pastime with travellers. The last decade has especially seen an increase in “glamping” which is a more luxurious way to go camping. Moreover, the idea of being in the woods and bonding with nature and fellow beings has a universal appeal to it which makes camping a favorite with kids, families, friends, and even between strangers.

Typically, camping is associated with going out into the wild with bags packed for a few days. However, modern-day life is quite hectic, and often it is impossible to find several days to unwind. Thus, the idea of daycations or camping over weekends is becoming popular. Moreover, novice campers are taking up the challenge, ready to explore their surroundings, often without knowing much about the nuances of camping.

If you are new to camping, it’s essential to realise that a camp trip is different from the usual vacation. It does require a bit more preparation, and one critical element of that is to install a few fundamental apps on your phone.


The number one anxiety-inducing issue on the mind of any first-time camper is not getting lost. Thanks to GPS technology and some truly detailed apps, as long as you have your smartphone charged up, it isn’t easy to lose your way. Google Maps is probably the best option on hand and comes with a range of bells and whistles to help you along. It is also possible to pre-download your route so that you can access it even if there is no internet connection.

Best Travel Apps For A Camping Trip - Tent

Camp Finder

As a newbie, it might be best to decide on where you want to pitch your tents before heading out into the wilderness. Just like you ought to read the tips to picking the best RV, you must spend some time learning about the campgrounds you plan to hit. However, there are a number of professionals who love the challenge of not knowing. Either way, camp finder apps help by presenting a collection of the best camping grounds along with their ratings. iOverlander and WikiCamps are two excellent options that can help you with this.


Camping gives you the opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature and leaves you with a lot of “me time.” One of the best ways to utilise that time, and not get bored, is to stay entertained. Online casino apps are a good option that can also be profitable. Else, you can play videogames, watches movies, listen to music, or read a book. There are apps for all of these readily available nowadays.


No matter how confident you feel about camping, it is advisable to have a few guides on hand. These can range from cooking in the wild to facing an animal attack. Apps such as Offline Survival Guide is a treasure trove of information on camping that can be very useful, especially for first-timers. Otherwise, you can always save webpages, YouTube videos, and links for easy reference later on.

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