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Dinkey Creek Campground Sierra National Forest California

Dinkey Creek Overview

Dinkey Creek 044

Dinkey Creek campground has 123 single-family campsites set among very large Ponderosa pines and cedars in the Sierra National Forest.  Most campsites are fairly large and some are next to the creek. Each campsite also has a table, fire ring and grill. Hookups are not available. Campsites can have up to 6 people and 2 vehicles per site (but 2nd vehicle has an extra fee) site. The maximum vehicle length is 35 feet. Check in time is 2pm and check out is 12pm. You have up until 2pm the following day of your first day to occupy the site.

The campground has a drinking water, vault and flush toilets. There’s also an amphitheater and campground host. The Dinkey Creek Inn (on-site) offers a payphone, hot showers ($), small grocery store, fishing supplies and a lunch counter. Firewood is also sold at the store. A few overflow parking spots are also available.

Dinkey Creek Chalets (small cabins) are also available for rent by clicking HERE. You can also call the general store to reserve the chalets at 559-841-3435.

Dinkey Creek – Area Recreation

Outdoor activities in the area include swimming (two swimming areas: Slicks and Honeymoon Pool), fishing, hiking, biking, hunting, horseback riding, OHV riding, picnicking, and wildlife viewing. Shaver Lake is about 12 miles from the campground and offers a variety of water sports including boating, fishing, water skiing, kayaking and swimming .McKinley Grove is so 6 miles away and is famous for its giant Redwoods.

Dorabelle Campground is another option and located just above Shaver Lake. You may also like Camp Edison.

Make a Reservation for Dinkey Creek

  • Amphitheater
  • Bait Shop
  • BBQ Grills
  • Camp Store
  • Campfire Center
  • Campground Host
  • Campsite Tables
  • Cell Service - None
  • Comfort Station
  • Drinking Water
  • Dump Station
  • Equestrian trail
  • Fire Pit
  • Fire Rings
  • Firewood Available
  • Food Storage Locker
  • Golden Age & Access Passports accepted
  • Grills
  • Grocery Store
  • Group Camping
  • Ice
  • Overflow Parking
  • Pay Phone
  • Pets OK
  • Picnic Tables
  • Ranger Station
  • Restaurant
  • Restrooms (Flush Toilets, Vault Toilets)
  • Showers
  • Biking
  • Bird Watching
  • Creek
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Horseback riding
  • Mountain Biking
  • Nature Trails
  • OHVing
  • OTV Trails/Riding
  • Photography
  • Picnicking
  • Stargazing
  • Swimming
  • Walking Trails
  • Wilderness Area
  • Wildlife Viewing
Dinkey Ceek Road
Shaver Lake, California 93664
559 841-2705
Lat / Long:

37.07306, -119.15389

Make a Reservation

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Best Campsites

10, 13, 15, 17, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 44, 47, 49, 53, 65, 68, 75, 80, 82, 96, 97, 98

Campsite Types
  • ADA
  • RV
  • Tent
  • Trailer
# of Campsites:


Campsite Vehicle Size:

Up to 35 feet.


End of May – October



Dinkey Creek Photos & Video

Dinkey Creek 001
Dinkey Creek 002
Dinkey Creek 003
Dinkey Creek 004
Dinkey Creek 005
Dinkey Creek 006
Dinkey Creek 007
Dinkey Creek 008
Dinkey Creek 009
Dinkey Creek 010
Dinkey Creek 011
Dinkey Creek 012
Dinkey Creek 013
Dinkey Creek 014
Dinkey Creek 015
Dinkey Creek 016
Dinkey Creek 017
Dinkey Creek 018
Dinkey Creek 019
Dinkey Creek 020
Dinkey Creek 021
Dinkey Creek 022
Dinkey Creek 023
Dinkey Creek 024
Dinkey Creek 025
Dinkey Creek 026
Dinkey Creek 027
Dinkey Creek 028
Dinkey Creek 029
Dinkey Creek 030
Dinkey Creek 031
Dinkey Creek 032
Dinkey Creek 033
Dinkey Creek 035
Dinkey Creek 036
Dinkey Creek 037
Dinkey Creek 038
Dinkey Creek 039
Dinkey Creek 040
Dinkey Creek 041
Dinkey Creek 042
Dinkey Creek 043
Dinkey Creek 044
Dinkey Creek 045
Dinkey Creek 046
Dinkey Creek 047
Dinkey Creek 048
Dinkey Creek 049
Dinkey Creek 050
Dinkey Creek 051
Dinkey Creek 052
Dinkey Creek 053
Dinkey Creek 054
Dinkey Creek 055
Dinkey Creek 056
Dinkey Creek 057
Dinkey Creek 058
Dinkey Creek 059
Dinkey Creek 060
Dinkey Creek 061
Dinkey Creek 062
Dinkey Creek 063
Dinkey Creek 064
Dinkey Creek 065
Dinkey Creek 066
Dinkey Creek 067
Dinkey Creek 068
Dinkey Creek 069
Dinkey Creek 070
Dinkey Creek 071
Dinkey Creek 072
Dinkey Creek 073
Dinkey Creek 074
Dinkey Creek 075
Dinkey Creek 076
Dinkey Creek 077
Dinkey Creek 078
Dinkey Creek 079
Dinkey Creek 080
Dinkey Creek 081
Dinkey Creek 082
Dinkey Creek 083
Dinkey Creek 084
Dinkey Creek 085
Dinkey Creek 086
Dinkey Creek 087
Dinkey Creek 088
Dinkey Creek 089
Dinkey Creek 090
Dinkey Creek 091
Dinkey Creek 092
Dinkey Creek 093
Dinkey Creek 094
Dinkey Creek 095
Dinkey Creek 096
Dinkey Creek 097
Dinkey Creek 098
Dinkey Creek 099
Dinkey Creek 100
Dinkey Creek 101
Dinkey Creek 102
Dinkey Creek 108
Dinkey Creek 109
Dinkey Creek 110
Dinkey Creek 111
Dinkey Creek 112
Dinkey Creek 113
Dinkey Creek 114
Dinkey Creek 115
Dinkey Creek 116
Dinkey Creek 117
Dinkey Creek 118
Dinkey Creek 119
Dinkey Creek 120
Dinkey Creek 121
Dinkey Creek 122
Dinkey Creek 123
Dinkey Creek 124
Dinkey Creek 125
Dinkey Creek 126
Dinkey Creek 127
Dinkey Creek Restroom
Dinkey Creek Showers
Dinkey Creek Sign
Dinkey Creek Store
= Our Favorite Campsites

Dinkey Creek Comments & Reviews

Visited Dinkey Creek Campground lately? We'd love to hear about your adventure. Did you find us useful? Did we forget something? Anything our community should know before heading out to Dinkey Creek?

62 Comments on “Dinkey Creek”

  1. James Barnard says:

    Have a 25 ‘ trailer need to camp near camp Fresno by my family . They have a cabin starting July 7 th for one week at Camp Fresno.
    Can you Help.

  2. I am trying to find out about reserving Dinkey Creek Chalets. Are you affiliated with the chalets as well? Been leaving voice mails and no response.
    Thank you

    • Hi Arlena,
      Dinkey Creek Chalets (small cabins) are also available for rent by clicking HERE. You can also call the general store to reserve the chalets at 559-841-3435.

  3. Kim Jolicoeur says:

    Great time! We had three 12 year olds and an 8 year old in tow. Stayed in site #98 and loved it. With the exception of the work thinning trees, the campground is beautiful. Quiet time was quiet time without issue. Honeymoon pool and the slicks were a blast! We were unaware of bringing something to sit on to enjoy the slicks, but trashbags worked great for the tush rash that could occur sliding down the “slides” over and over again like our kiddos did. We are def going back this year and will bring cheap yoga mat cut into thirds for our tush. When the area became crowded, we just wandered down stream to an amazingly beautiful, quiet spot all to ourselves. Everything is super kid friendly (honeymoon pool not so much for toddlers though) the staff was friendly and helpful and restrooms were clean. One of our new favorite spots for sure.

    • Mary Anne Broers says:

      Hi, Sounds like fun! Question: Were you tent camping or RV? Thinking about reserving #98 for our camping trip next month, but not sure how private it is, being so close to RV sites.
      I just realized that the spot I reserved #55, is between 2 RV sites.

  4. Mary Anne Broers says:

    I reserved #55 for tent camping, but now realize that #52 and #54 are both RV accessible and right next to this campsite. Would #98 be a better spot as far as privacy for tent camping?
    Thanks, Mary Anne B

  5. Was wondering if I am able to take my tent trailer (15ft) to the group camp site A loop DINK

  6. Is someone able to tell me which sites are closer to the creek? I see comments about those sites being ideal, but I’m only able to find a hand drawn map and there isn’t much detail included.

  7. Has there been much fish catching lately? We have small kids 7, 5, 3 that would love to fish.

  8. Are dogs allowed?

  9. Do children under 1 count as a person?

  10. If we reserve site for for 2 nights10 people and only 9 go will be fine ? Also can 2 tents be put up and also can we check in after 2pm or have to at that time ?

    • Hi Jacob,
      Dinky Creek campsites can have up to 6 people per site (including children). The maximum vehicle length is 35 feet. Check in time is 2pm and check out is 12pm. You have up until 2pm the following day of your first day to occupy the site. You can also put up two tents on a campsite provided both tents fit in your campsite space/area.

  11. Do you have photos of the group site A

  12. Hello
    I’m trying to find the campsite next to creek.
    Most of best campsite you mentioned above are next to creek?

  13. Melissa says:


    I was wondering what the maximum number of vehicles are allowed in a single campsite? Also, is there an additional parking lot for extra vehicles?

    • Hi Melissa,

      At Dinkey Creek, you can have up to 6 people and 2 vehicles per site (but 2nd vehicle has an extra fee) site. The maximum vehicle length is 35 feet.
      There isn’t an overflow parking area.

  14. Hi, I was wondering if there is cell service at the campground? If not, where would be the closest place for cell phone coverage (ATT). Thanks!!

  15. Tony Mercado says:

    Does the campsite come with food storage bins?

  16. I’m planning on going mid/late October. How is the weather like during that time? Will it be to cold to swim?

    • Hi Christa,
      Temperatures in October will be mid 60s for a high to low/mid 30s for the low. Creek (and Shaver Lake) water should be chilly (mid to high 50s).

  17. I was wondering if you had a area that I could store a truck and car trailer for 6 days while I leave to dry camp in surrounding area or do I just need to reserve a site that I won’t be staying in. Also it could be several people as I belong to a 4×4 club.

    • Hi Dwayne,
      Dinkey Creek / US Forest Service requires that you reserve a campsite in order to store a truck and car trailer in the campground/area. I’m pretty sure there isn’t any parking areas next to the campground and if there were, you’d probably get towed.

  18. Francine says:

    I noticed on the USDA website (and in the comments above) that up to 2 vehicles are allowed per site and the second vehicle is $10. I booked a campsite yesterday for June 2021 and the website only allowed me to select 1 vehicle. Are they still allowing 2 vehicles per site and they add/charge the second vehicle in person upon check-in? Or is this a change due to COVID-19? I just want to make sure my second vehicle is not turned away.

    • Hi Francine,
      That’s a good question. On the individual site detail descriptions (Rec.gov), it shows as a maximum of one vehicle per campsite. However, in the ‘Facility Information’ tab it says you can have a 2nd vehicle (in single-family campsites), but it will cost an additional $10 per night. I am not aware of any changes as a result of COVID. I would assume (like previous years), you can park two vehicles in single-family campsites.

  19. Brittany says:

    HI, we just booked campsite #82 and are planning on bringing a 33 ft trailer. Will there be enough room for our SUV and our trailer to pull in? Will there be any way for us to somehow squeeze our vehicles in?

    • Hi Brittany,
      The maximum RV length for Dinkey Creek campsite #82 is 40 feet. That doesn’t include the hangover off the back of the site. There is (or was) a log back there. If still there and you can clear it (should be able to), that should give you another 3-4 feet. There is also a little wiggle room out front where you can park your SUV at a slight angle to fit in the site’s parking area. Have fun!

  20. The campsite description mentions bears frequent the area but bear boxes are not provided with the campsite. What is the policy for storing food? Leaving it in the vehicle sounds a bit risky.

    • Hi Brian,
      That is correct – there campsites at Dinkey Creek do not have food/bear proof storage lockers. Bears do come through now and then, but they have not been too frequent. With that said, probably your best bet for storing food would be in your vehicle. Just make sure it’s covered with a towel/blanket or something. They may still smell it, but not being able to see it helps.

  21. Not sure if anyone has had this come up. My family has a trip planned in a few weeks to Dinkey Creek, staying in space 8 & 9, but one of the RVs we rented cancelled on us last minute, so we’ve been looking for a different one. The problem is that I can’t find a close trailer under 25’, so I’m wondering if there’s any wiggle room to fit a 26-28’ trailer in either of these spaces? The campground allows 35’, but if I understand correctly, these sites only fit 25’ 🙁
    Does this include the length of our car too?

    • Hi Monica,
      Sorry to hear the one RV rental cancelled on you. You can try looking for other possible RVs by clicking on our ‘RV Rental’ tab. With that said, #9 doesn’t look to have much wiggle room because of the barrier off the back. Unfortunately we didn’t get a good photo of campsite #8 so I can’t speak to that. FYI – we will taking new photos later this fall. Sorry I wasn’t much help.

  22. Nikole Martinez says:

    Hi I read the comment about parking and seen you said there is no over flow parking for the other cars. What do you recommend we do if we have a 3rd car? Have family coming from out of town so they can not come in the other 2 cars with us. Please help

    • Hi Nikole,
      We double checked and apparently there are a few overflow parking spaces at Dinkey Creek campground. These should be located on Dinkey Creek Road next to the campground.

  23. Can we bring our own grill? and our own fire place ?

    • Hi Nancy,
      Portable gas-powered grills and fire rings are okay at Dinkey Creek. Fire restrictions may change though depending on conditions. Currently, campfires are allowed in campfire rings and portable (gas-powered) rings.

  24. Plan on going here September of 2022. How is the weather this time of year?

    Also, we have a 12 teardrop. Would site 47, 48, or 49 accommodate that?

    • Hi Phil,
      September is usually a very nice time of year to visit Dinkey Creek. Weather should be clear with temps in mid 80s during the day and mid 50s at night. Campsites 47, 48 and 49 will all fit your 12-foot teardrop and towing vehicle. Site 47 is 50 feet deep, site 48 is about 35 feet deep and site 49 is 40 feet deep. FYI – campsite #49 is a handicap site. Hope you have a great time!

  25. Can you clarify, for the group A sites, what’s allowable?
    It says 10 vehicles max, max length 25. For example, if we have 4 travel trailers, and 4 vehicles, thats allowable at 8 vehicles total? Also are there any pics of the group site?

    • Hi Christy,
      You are correct – a towing vehicle is one vehicle and a trailer is one vehicle. So 4 vehicles and 4 trailers = 8 vehicles. Unfortunately we did not get photos of the group campsites at Dinkey Creek. I hope to add those later this year.

  26. Hi! Wondering which sites will offer the most privacy for tent camping.

    • Hi Laura,
      We don’t have anyone on site to check, so I can’t really give you an answer other than looking at the photos to get an idea. Sorry about that.

  27. Are there any campsites with hook-ups?

  28. Hi I saw that site 38 shows as only tent. We are 5 people 1 tent 2 cars and one rooftop tent. Would that work for this site ?
    Thank you

    • Hi Patrick,
      There’s actually room for more than one tent in campsite #38 so not sure why they limit it to one. Rec.gov also says 1 vehicle, but two vehicles are okay (40 foot parking spur). So – one tent and a rooftop tent is okay in that site.

  29. Hi, I made a reservation for site 53 prior to purchasing our trailer. Will we be able to stay in the site with our 21 ft. trailer and SUV?
    Thank you!

  30. Good day. I just want to ask what is the max size of tent and vehicle to use on site 57? Size was “0” when I checked the info on recreation.gov app.

    • Hi Bill,
      You can have up to 1 vehicle and 6 people in campsite #57. The parking spur looks to be about 20 feet and you have a decent sized area for a tent (probably 10×12 max). Hope this helps!

  31. As far as the sites that are closest to the creek.. approx how close are they? Like 50 yds, 100 yds etc.

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