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Cataloochee Campground (North Carolina) Make a Reservation

North Carolina
35.63132 / -83.08564

Cataloochee campground is located in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. The main road going to the campground is steep and winding, and unpaved for about 3 miles. There is scant passing room for autos, let alone large campers. However, if you plan on getting there or leaving during off-peak hours the traffic is almost non-existent. Once you get near the campground, the valley floor opens up into many lush meadows. This affords the opportunity to see an abundance of wildlife. During one day I saw several flocks of turkeys and several elk in two different places on the back roads around the valley. There are many day hiking paths around the area and a number of old buildings along the way that are open with exhibits.

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