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Atlatl Rock Campground Nevada

Atlatl Rock Overview

Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 017

Atlatl Rock campground is located in Valley of Fire State Park and has 44 campsites set among beautiful red Aztec sandstone formations. All campsites are first-come first-serve and accommodate tents, trailers and RVs.  Campsites 23 to 44 have electric/water hookups at Atlatl Rock campground. Most campsites are large and can accommodate trailers/RVs up to 55 feet+. ADA campsites are 6, 15, 31 and 34. Campsites 20-22 are ‘walk to’ campsites (parking about 50 yards away).

The campground is open year-round and all campsites are first-come first-served (no reservations). You can stay up to 14 consecutive days. Group camping is reservable by calling the park directly at 775 684-2270. Campsites are $20 per night + $10 per night for campsites with utility hookups. Check in is 2pm and check out is 12pm. Vehicles per site may vary and is also at the discretion of the park supervisor.

Campground amenities include drinking water, flush toilets, showers and an RV dump station. Each campsite also has a table (most with a shade structure), fire ring and grate. Generators are not allowed in the campground.

The cell phone coverage at Valley of Fire State Park is spotty at best (depending on your provider). You may be able to get a signal at Mouse’s Tank Road near parking lot #3 and the Fire Canyon/Silica Dome Overlook.

Arch Rock campground is another option at Valley of Fire State Park and has 29 campsites for tents, trailers and small RVs.

Atlatl Rock – Area Recreation

Valley of Fire State Park is the oldest and largest state park in Nevada and includes 45,000 acres of spectacular geological wonders featuring bright red Aztec sandstone. Contrary to popular belief the valley is not always on fire, but rather derives its name from the red sandstone formations.

Valley of Fire State Park offers visitors the opportunity to explore historic sites & ruins, see petrified trees, hike and bike the many trails and visit the full-scale visitor center.  Photography, star gazing and wildlife viewing are also very popular activities. Valley of Fire State Park also offers a great base camp for the RiSE Festival each October.


First Come, First Served

  • BBQ Grills
  • Campfire Center
  • Campsite Tables
  • Drinking Water
  • Dump Station
  • Fire Pit
  • Fire Rings
  • Gift Shop
  • Grills
  • Group Camping
  • Group Pavilion
  • Pets OK
  • Picnic Tables
  • Restrooms (Flush Toilets)
  • RV Hookups
  • Shade Structure
  • Showers
  • Visitor Center
  • Archeological Sites
  • Biking
  • Bird Watching
  • Climbing
  • Cultural Sites
  • Hiking
  • Historic Sites
  • Mountain Biking
  • Nature Trails
  • Photography
  • Picnicking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Stargazing
  • Visitor Center
  • Walking Trails
  • Wildlife Viewing
Valley of Fire State Park, 29450 Valley of Fire Hwy
Overton, Nevada 89040
702 397-2088
Lat / Long:

36.41778, -114.55139

Campground Map
Best Campsites

8, 10, 11, 16, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 30, 42

Campsite Types
  • Group
  • RV
  • Tent
  • Trailer

Year Round



# of Campsites:


# of RV Campsites:


Atlatl Rock Photos

Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 001
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 002
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 003
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 004
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 005
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 006
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 007
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 008
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 009
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 010
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 011
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 012
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 013
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 014
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 015
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 016
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 017
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 018
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 019
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 020
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 021
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 022
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 023
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 024
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 025
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 026
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 027
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 028
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 029
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 030
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 031
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 032
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 033
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 034
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 035
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 036
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 037
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 038
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 039
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 040
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 041
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 042
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 043
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock 044
Valley of Fire Atlatl Rock Campground View
Valley of Fire Group Campsite
Valley of Fire View 1

Atlatl Rock Comments & Reviews

Visited Atlatl Rock Campground lately? We'd love to hear about your adventure. Did you find us useful? Did we forget something? Anything our community should know before heading out to Atlatl Rock?

106 Comments on “Atlatl Rock”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hi! Thanks for all the great info. Are the showers private?

  2. Hi! I’m trying to figure out how to reserve a space to camp for one night. We expect to arrive later at night and don’t want to risk driving out there if we cannot get a spot. I’m reading on this site that it says “first come first served” but also reading “reservations required “

    Please help!

    Thank you kindly,


    • Hi Sean,
      Both Atlatl Rock and Arch Rock campgrounds are first-come first-serve (no reservations) at Valley of Fire State Park. Group camping can be reserved by calling the park directly at 775 684-2270.

      • This didn’t answer the question. I had the same one. You said call for group pricing and Sean asked if you arrive late can you still get a spot. I’m confused and need clarification too!
        Thanks so much.

      • Hi Molly,
        Group camping is available at Atlatl Rock campground, but you need to call the Park to check on availability and pricing: 775 684-2270.
        When you say “if you arrive late can you still get a spot” are you referring to the group camping or individual sites? If group camping – check with the park ranger when you call. For individual sites – those are first-come, first-serve and during fall through spring the campground is very popular. Arriving late in the date (especially around the weekend) will significantly reduce your chances of getting a first-come, first-serve campsite. It’s best to arrive early morning and check with Ranger on availability for first-come, first-serve sites. Best of luck!

  3. Just a quick question, I’m seeing that the sites with electricity and water are more ($30 per night) But I’m not seeing the price of the more basic ones? Please advise!



    • Hi Lindy,
      Atlatl Rock campsites (without hookups) are $20 per night. And, as you noted – campsites with hookups are $10 more = $30 per night.
      The campground is first-come, first-serve (no reservations). Although you can call the park and make reservations for group campsites.


    Hello. I’m seeing all the information I need except, what are tent camping check in/out times?

    • Hi Christine, Generally Valley of First State Park campground check in is 2pm and check out is 12pm, but please call park directly to confirm: 702 397-2088

  5. Gary Socha says:

    How many sites in the Atlati campground have electric and water hookups? I see that there are 44 sites in that campground, but I want to know about the ones with hookups.


  6. Touzu Zaj says:


    Here are 2 questions :

    1/ I read that check-in time is 12PM, and that the campground is first-come first-served.
    Does it mean there is no need to come before 12PM, or is it wise to come earlier (I plan ti come on July 27) ?

    2/ the 4 of us will be travelling in a Jucy Trailblazer (ie a minivan), with no tent. Do we have to stay on a RV space, or can we just stay as if we had a car + a tent ?

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Touzu,

      There shouldn’t be a lot of people camping out at Valley of Fire / Atlatl Rock campground the end of July so you should be fine with arriving around noon to get your campsite. Remember, the days-time temperatures will be over 100 degrees and night-time will be in the low 80s. And as for your other question – you can camp in any campsite that will fit your Jucy Trailblazer . . . either tent or RV site.

  7. Hi, I am looking into staying at the campground on Sat Oct 6, with an RV and would prefer an electric/water site. Given that it is 1st come 1st served –1) how early should I plan on arriving to give me the best shot at a site 2) is there a number I can call ahead to find out if there are any sites available on the day of? THis will be on a saturday.

    • Hi Pat,

      That will be a popular time to camp at Atlatl Rock Campground (Valley of Fire State Park). I’d recommend getting there early – like about 7 to 8AM (before the Ranger Station opens) so you’d be (hopefully) one of the first in line to get a vacant site. You can also call the Park for more information at:702 397-2088

  8. Diana M. says:

    I am planning on camping one night on Tues. Nov 6. This will be my first time to visit the park. Do you think it will be hard to find a spot? Arrival time will be after 7 PM.

    • Hi Diana,
      Atlatl Rock campground at Valley of Fire State Park is popular in the fall, but mid-week should not be a problem in finding a campsite. I’d recommend arriving no later than noon though (although check in is 3pm). Have a great time!

  9. richard cline says:

    can more than one vehicle park in a campsite in the north (no hook up) area. Is there a fee for the extra vehicle and a limit of tents per site?

    • Hi Richard,

      At Atlatl Rock campground in Valley of Fire State Park, campsites are limited to a maximum of 2 vehicles and 8 people. Vehicles per site may vary and is at the discretion of the park supervisor.

  10. Hello are you open the week of Nov 19 2018. And is there another campground with full hookups at valley of fire? Thanks.

  11. HI Dan,
    Campsites 23 to 44 have electric/water hookups at Atlatl Rock campground.  The campground is open year-round (including week of November 19) and all campsites are first-come first-served (no reservations). You can stay up to 14 consecutive days.

  12. Is Atlatl campground busy during Christmas.

    • Hi Jason,
      Valley of Fire State Park is pretty popular from mid October through April. Atlatl Campground will probably be busy around Christmas, but may have a few openings December 24-26. Remember it’s first come first serve, so if you live with a few hours of the park/campground – might be a good idea to try and snag a spot on December 23 (for a few days).
      Good luck!

  13. Hi,

    We are 3 people and planning on camping in arch rock campground on 22nd and 23rd dec. Is it busy at that time? What are the temperatures like? Do we have access to showers in arch rock campground ?

    • Hi Shruti,
      Atlatl Rock Campground will be busy around December 22-23 so you should plan on arriving early on the day of your arrival for the best chance of getting a campsite. The campground will probably sell out that weekend. If you arrive on Saturday, Dec 22 you probably won’t get a site. If you live in the area, I’d recommend running out there and getting a spot on Thursday Dec 20 and then come back for your weekend stay. Temperatures will be in the mid 60s during the day to low 40s at night. If you have a campsite at Atlatl Rock campground you can use the showers at Arch Rock campground. Showers are available for only registered campers (either campground) at Valley of Fire State Park.

  14. Hi, Is the campground also as busy right after christmas, on Dec. 27-28? I’m just wondering what are our chances to get a campsite if we arrive on the early morning of Dec. 27th?

    Thank you!

    • Hi George,

      Atlatl Rock and Arch Rock campgrounds in Valley of Fire State Park will be busy after Christmas and through January 6. It will be a challenge to get a campsite during those dates, but arriving midweek (early morning – before 8am) will better your chances of getting a spot. The park/campgrounds remain busy until May.
      Best of luck!

  15. Hi,
    We were hoping to stay there March 31-Apr3 2019. How busy will it be at that time of year.

    • Hi Ron,
      Valley of Fire campgrounds (Atlatl and Arch Rock) will be busy that week. It’s spring break for many CA schools and it’s generally busy anyway because of the good weather. Best to arrive as early as you can on March 31.

  16. Hello, we planning on staying on your campground june 7th. We know its going to be hot and all. But do you think we are the only ones that night? Or will there be some more campers?

    • Hi Ties,

      The # of campers will tail off in June, but you won’t be the only ones camping at Atlatl Rock in early June. Over the June 7 weekend the campground should be at around 60% of capacity, but could be more if weather is “mild”.

  17. Jennifer Cant says:

    Dear Mr Ranger,
    We are driving 25 ‘ RV and plan to arrive Sat Jan 26 from Las Vegas.
    Can’t get away super early as we are just picking up the rental. Will it be very busy then? Have visitors been down since the government shut down? Thanks for your advice.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Yes, it will probably be busy at Valley Of Fire State Park campgrounds (Atlatl Rock and Arch Rock) the weekend of January 25-27. Late October through early April is the busy season there. And since it is a ‘State Park’, it has not been affected by the partial shutdown of the federal government.

  18. We will be travelling south first to middle of February in our 40 ft 5th wheel. Want to see valley of fire. Will campsites accommodate our rv? Will there be a problem getting a space hookups or not at that time. Any info you might be able to send me would be greatly appreciated. Cheryl

    • Hi Cheryl
      Valley of Fire State Park – Atlatl Rock campground does have several campsites that will accommodate a 40 ft 5th wheeler. With that said, February is a popular tine and it will be busy. I recommend avoiding weekends if possible and if not – try and arrive on Thursday.

  19. Jeff Karr says:

    How many of the the Atlatl Rock campsites can accommodate a 45 foot motorhome? Hook-ups would be nice, but I’m mostly wondering about room for an RV that size. Thanks for your help!


    • Hi Jeff,

      Most of the sites at Atlatl Rock campground are large and can accommodate a 45 foot motorhome. The Ranger will assign a campsite that works for you.

  20. Hi

    we plan on arriving this sunday, feb 17th. Given that we are a 9 hour drive from the park, we won’t arrive until at least 3:00 p.m. Will all sites most likely be full by then?

    If so, what are alternatives for tent campers nearby?


    • Hi Lisa,

      Atlatl Rock or Arch Rock campgrounds at Valley of Fire State Park should have some spots since you’re arriving Sunday, February 17. If both campgrounds are full, you closest option would be Echo Bay campground on Lake Mead. It’s about 23 miles (40 minute drive) from Atlatl Rock campground. You can then drive back to Valley of Fire early Monday to try and get a site if you like.

  21. Shawna Coffman says:

    We would be there Apr 11-13 We driving 8 hours to get there and worried about first-come, first serve because we already tried to make reservations at Echo as a back up and they are booked. Everything says arrive early. What time would we need to arrive to get a spot? Do people start lining up?

    • Hi Shawna,

      Yes – that will be a very busy time (spring break). I’d plan on getting there no later than 7AM April 11 to get in line for openings. And the sooner the better. Best of luck!

  22. jim sannar says:

    Is there a good place to view wildflowers nearby? Should this be a good year because of the rains? Best time to view?

    • Hi Jim,
      Yes the wildflowers will be spectacular this year at Valley of Fire State Park and surrounding area. Just about any trail in the park, as well as the roads over to Lake Mead (Echo Bay) would be good to view wildflowers. They should be starting to pop up now, but from March to early April will be the best time to view wildflowers.

  23. Alan Mueller says:

    We considering to come visit March 20-23. My wife is confined to a wheelchair and our travel trailer has a power lift. Which sites are handicap accessible? Might one of those be reservable or are they first come first serve as well?

    • Hi Alan,
      March will be a very busy time at Atlatl Rock campground and it will most likely be completely full. You may have a chance at getting a spot if you arrive very early on March 20 (like 7AM) to get in line for those that may leave. With that said, all sites are first come, first serve, including the ADA/handicap sites (6, 15, 31 and 34) at Atlatl Rock campground.

  24. Hi, we are planning to visit april 23-26 with a motorhome 36 feet, are the site large enough?
    Thank you,

  25. We were looking at coming to the park Sunday Apr 7 – 9 and from other comments it sounds like this may be spring break. Is Sunday a better day to be checking in and do people really line up at 7 a.m. and wait until noon to find out if there is a spot and then check in at 2 p.m.? That seems like a very long time to idle in your vehicle.

    • Hi Suzanne, Atlatl Rock campground (and Arch Rock) are both very popular during March and April (particularly spring break). The campground will sell out each day, but you’ll increase chances of getting a spot with a Sunday arrival. And yes, people do get in line early and wait for cancelations (particular over the weekend).

  26. I am planning on coming out May 17-20th, what should I expect weather-wise? Do you think it will be busy? It’s about a 7.5 hour drive for me so I am wondering when I should head out. I don’t want to risk making the drive and not getting a spot! Also, are the showers available at both sites? Are those an extra cost? Thank you!

    • Hi Maegan,
      The weather out at Valley of Fire State Park (Atlatl Rock / Arch Rock campgrounds) will be warm and dry in mid May. Expect temperatures in the low 90s during the day and mid 60s during the night. However, it’s always a good idea to double check weather before you go as the area may have a ‘heat spell’ that could drive daytime temps to around 100 degrees. Both campgrounds will be busy on weekends in May, but not as busy as March or April. You probably will have a decent chance of getting a campsite, but you should try and arrive as early as possible on Friday. With a 7.5 hour drive, you should probably be on your way by 6:30am if not sooner. Both campgrounds also have showers; not sure on the charge, but probably about $1-$2 for a few minutes. Hope this helps and best of luck!

  27. We plan on arriving later afternoon(2-4 PM) on march 27th. Im guessing the sites with hook-ups will be taken by that time of day, My thought was to dry camp that first night then move into a site with hook-ups the next morning.
    My questions are, what are the chances of getting ANY campsite that late in the day for our first night (27th)?
    and, at what time of the day would we be permitted to move into a full hook-up site or do we need to wait for the park ranger to assign a site ?

    Also, What a great website!! It’s nice to see the questions being answered. lots of good, useful info!!

    • Hi Rob,
      Thanks for the kind words on our website!
      Since your March 27 arrival date is during spring break time, Atlatl Rock and Arch Rock campgrounds will be popular – especially with the amount of spring flowers in bloom. I’d say your chances are 50/50 on getting any type of campsite at either campground. Should you get a site, I’d check in with the ranger that afternoon (March 27) to let him know you’d like a hookup starting the next day. He/she will let you know if there are any and the procedure on getting the site. Best of luck and please let us know how you do! FYI – the closest alternative campground is Echo Bay. It’s probably sold out, but you can try calling to check on availability: 702-293-8990

  28. Hello, we are planning on coming out there next week and are wondering how busy you have been on a Wednesday night. We are going to be driving up and arriving at around 10:00 at night.

    • Hi Wendy,
      Valley of Fire State Park campgrounds will be busy in April. I recommend you call the Park directly to check status. Their phone number is: 702 397-2088. Best of luck!

  29. Richard Holman says:

    Is there a map that shows the layout of campsites at both Atatl and Arch. We are scheduling now to make a trip. Late April/Early May is the thought. What day of the week might provide the best opportunity to snag a campsite?

    • Hi Richard,
      Sorry – there are no campground maps available for Atlatl Rock or Arch Rock campgrounds at Valley of Fire State Park. However, we here at CampsitePhotos.com will create on and get it published.
      For late April and early May – mid week would still be the best time to get a campsite. If you want a weekend stay, then try and check in on Thursday (getting in line around 7:30AM). Around mid May is when things start to become less busy (due to the heat).

    • Hi Richard,
      We now have the Atlatl Rock Campground Map available on the campground page. Just click on the ‘campground map’ button to view.

  30. Hi, will Atlatl or Arch Rock be busy during the week (April 15-18)? When should I arrive for the best chance of getting a site?

    • Hi Lindsey,
      Arriving on Monday, April 15 early to mid morning would be best. You should have a pretty good sho at getting a campsite at Atlatl or Arch Rock that week. Best of luck!

  31. Molly K. says:

    We would potentially be coming in May 21st at around 7 pm. Can we still get a site? I know some places have an office where you pay in a box attached to the office and tie the permit around your tent. Does this campground do that?

    • Hi Molly, since you’ll be arriving mid-week, you may have a good chance of getting a first-come, first-serve campsite at Atlatl Rock campground (May 21). It starts to warm up so there isn’t the crush of campers trying to get spots. It will still be somewhat busy, but hard to say for sure. You might want to call the Ranger station and ask their opinion: 775 684-2270

    • Olga A Geeb says:

      Are there bike trails at the valley of fire in the area of Atlatl and Arch campgrounds? Thank you.

      • Hi Olga,
        The roads throughout Valley of Fire State Park are relatively flat and offer nice on-pavement biking. Bikes are not allowed on the dirt/hiking trails.

  32. Hello,

    We are planning on getting there mid-day or early afternoon Next Thursday, May 23rd. What are the chances of us getting a campsite then?

    I tried to reach the ranger station number to ask, but the number doesn’t work, it says I don’t have dialed an unassigned station number, so I’m not sure what number to call for questions.

    Also, I understand the campsites are first come first served, but where do we check in? Does that happen at the entrance of the park?



    • Hi Alex,
      I think your chances are good with a Thursday arrival / May 23 of getting a first-come, first-serve site at Atlatl Rock campground. And correct, the park entrance / ranger will assign you a campsite. FYI – the Park phone number is 702 397-2088,

  33. We are planning on visiting from Scotland for 2 nights on Thursday 17th October in a rental RV. What sort of time of day would you recommend we arrive at? Thanks very much

    • Hi Elaine,
      Atlatl Rock and Arch Rock campgrounds will be popular in mid October. Arriving Thursday will improve your chances of getting one of the first-come, first-serve campsites. I would recommend you arrive before 10AM if you can. Best of luck and have a great trip!

  34. Planning on visiting towards the end of September on a Friday. Any idea how busy it would be? Or if I have a chance of getting a campsite?

    • Hi Todd,
      It’ll still be nice and toasty at Valley of Fire State Park (Atlatl Rock campground) the end of September, so you should not have a problem getting a site. Try and arrive Friday morning if you can though as weekends still are a tad busy that time of year. Have a great trip!

  35. We’re planning on camping on July 23-24th and know it will be hot. How full is the campground and the electric sites? Also, are generators permitted?

    • Hi Karen,

      Since Atlatl Rock campground is first-come, first-serve it’s always difficult to predict how many people will come out to camp. July will be very hot (110+ during the day), and it probably will have campsites (hookups and non hookups). Generators are not allowed at Atlatl Rock campground.

  36. We hope to camp the weekend if Oct 25-27, 2019. Is this usually a busy weekend. Also, being an independent contractor I normally work 7 days a week. Is there cell service in the park? Thank you.

    • Hi Paul,

      Yes, late October through early December (including Oct 25-27 weekend) will be busy at Valley of Fire State Park. Best to get there the morning of October 25 to get in line for a campsite sit at Atlatl Rock campground.

      Also, cell phone coverage at Valley of Fire State Park is spotty at best (depending on your provider). You may be able to get a signal at Mouse’s Tank Road near parking lot #3 and the Fire Canyon/Silica Dome Overlook.

  37. End of September, 29th through beginning of October a hard time to find a camp spot in the area? We will be traveling from WA state and hate to go so far without accommodations at the end.
    thank you kindly.

  38. Hey there,

    My friend and I are planning to drop by on November 23rd. To ensure we can snag a site, at what time should we arrive by? I’ll make sure to check the temperature forecast beforehand, but what’s the usual temperature like during the day, and night time?


    • Hi Gregory,
      Valley of Fire State Park campgrounds (Arch Rock and Atlatl Rock) are very popular/busy in November and especially on the weekends. Both campgrounds will most likely be sold out during the Thanksgiving holiday period (Nov 22 through Dec 1). I’d say your chances are very slim to snag a spot with a Saturday (Nov 23) arrival. You would have a little better chance with a Thursday (Nov 21) arrival (mid morning) if that works for you plans, and maybe you’d get lucky with a Monday (Nov 25) arrival.

      As for the weather in late November – you can expect day time high around 70 and lows in the mid 40s during the night.

  39. For Thanksgiving, if we are in the area where we can make the drive out to snag a spot say on Sunday (11/24) or Monday morning (11/25), does the RV need to physically be there at the time of snagging the spot or can it come later as long as we have one of us holding the spot? Thanks!

    • Hi Ryan,

      At Valley of Fire State Park campgrounds, if you pay for a campsite you will not lose it even if you or your RV are not there physically. You do not need to be physically there all the time or have your RV parked at your site all the time. With that said – When you check in I recommend you leave some type of small equipment at the site like a tent or chairs. And, I recommend you double check by calling the park to confirm:702-397-2088. FYI – I tried to call this evening to confirm, but nobody picked up.

  40. Great park, campground very nice, open, some sites spaced a little close. Handicapped sites very nice and normally available.


    Hello guys, We are planning spend a night tent camping on February 17th (Monday – President’s Day) or 18th (Tuesday). Any idea how busy it would be? Or if we will have a chance of getting a campsite? Thanks

    • Hi Rodrigo,
      You can except both Atlatl Rock and Arch Rock campgrounds to be close to capacity, if not sold out over President’s Day weekend. You should be able to get a site Feb 18 (Tuesday night) though. Best of luck!

  42. Are there any hookup sites available currently (Dec 27, 2019)

    • Hi Jody, Atlatl Rock campground (all sites) are first-come, first serve. You’ll need to call Valley of Fire State park directly to check status/availability: 702-397-2088

  43. Hi. Looking at camping here on a Tuesday last week of June 2020. Will sites be hard to come by around that time of the year? Thanks!

    • Hi Brian,
      It’ll be warm, which may keep some away, but school will be out so it will be busy. Still, you should be able to get a site especially if you can arrive midweek.

  44. Ann Marie says:

    Will the group sites accommodate a few RVs? All the information I am finding mentions tent camping.

  45. Hi! Looking at camping here over President’s Day weekend (just with a tent, no RV hook-up needed). Planning on arriving very early Saturday morning but could arrive mid-to-late afternoon Friday instead. Do you think we’ll be able to get a spot?

    • Hi Emily,
      It’s going to be really tough to get a campsite at Atlatl Rock or Arch Rock campground with a Saturday or even Friday afternoon arrival over President’s Day weekend. Some people have just one day off (Monday), but others (some schools, etc.) have both Friday and Monday off. And the weather is going to be nice that weekend:
      Valley of Fire Weather Report - President's Weekend

      Arriving Friday (mid-afternoon arrival) is your best chance, but still probably 50/50 on finding an open site (tent or otherwise).

  46. Hi, Looking to camp here for Presidents Day Weekend. Was wondering what best course of action is for getting a RV spot. Driving up from LV at 0630 on Fri and arriving at or around 0800 is initial plan. Any suggestions you can make?

    • Hi Mike,
      I’m thinking your ETA on Friday at Valley of Fire / Atlatl Rock campground should work to get you a spot. Check in time is 12pm, but getting there (and in line) early is best. The only other idea I’d suggest (if you’re up for it and since you’re in LV area), is to drive out there Thursday PM and grab a site (leave a few chairs or something if after hours). BUT, just not sure on the policy for that tactic. The Park is open sunrise to sunset, but the campground has 24 hour access. I recommend giving the park a call and see if it is possible to leave something Thursday nite at the camp to reserve it (and pay for it the next day): 702-397-2088. Best of luck!

  47. Wondering about the availability in April. We would be arriving on april 21 (a Tueday), comming from Zion (so not before 10), with an RV. Any chance in getting a spot?

    • Hi Mieke,
      April is a peak season month out at Valley of Fire. Atlatl Rock and Arch Rock campgrounds will be busy, but chances are good you find a few spots available if you arrive midweek (Tuesday). Might be a good idea to call the park the night before to double check availability: 702 397-2088. Best of luck!

  48. scott conti says:

    Hello, I’m planning on staying with my girlfriend and small dog at either Atlatl or Arch Rock in a few days on the 31st of May. I was wondering what I should know prior to arrival? Is the recreation area open? Is it first come first serve? Are you expected to be busy? Showers? Price? Thank you!

    • Hi Scott,

      Valley of Fire State Park is currently open for day use only. No camping/overnight stays are allowed at Atlatl Rock or Arch Rock campgrounds. The campgrounds are scheduled to reopen May 29th at 8am with restrictions (limited to 50% capacity), but you should call the park to confirm: 702-397-2088.
      Both Atlatl Rock and Arch Rock campgrounds are first-come, first-serve so I’d advise getting there early morning on the first night you’d like to camp. The entrance fee is $10 and camping is $20 per night (no hookups) and and extra $10 per night if you have a site with hookups. Pets are allowed. Lastly, keep in mind that temperatures are expected to reach 107 degrees on May 29 (Friday) with a low of 71.

  49. Arriving 10/26 for 5 nights. Can we get a spot with electric in Atlatl. Where do you line up to wait for availability?

    • Hi James,
      All campsites at Atlatl Rock are first-come, first-serve. Late October is popular, but arriving on Monday should get you a campsite with electric hookups. You will check in at the park entrance and they will direct you to the campground where you can try and get a campsite.

      • At the campground, what is the procedure to select a particular spot. Do you drive around waiting for a particular spot to open up, is there a line, if you arrive early, say 8:00AM, how do you know who might be leaving?

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